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Blind is Beautiful

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Pros: Beautiful birds, Crests Are Large and Full, Great for Shows, Relativley Docile, Cute White Eggs, Come in Many Amazing Colors.

Cons: Head Feathers Get Tattered Easily, MOUTHY, Fairly Blind Due to large Crests, Suceptible to Head Injury.

I purchased my first Polish for $5 at a feed store. She was an accidental addition, as the brooder contained Leghorns and Cornish Cross chicks. The store owners thought she was a Leghorn who had a brain tumor and said, "You can have her, but no refunds if she dies."


Little did THEY know I knew bettter. I could tell from the start, POLIIISHHHH


And so my addiction began.


Unfortunately at 4 months old, the chick, who I had named Dori, passed away due to a head injury. She had tried to fight my top hen and very apperently took a beating. 


However this did not deter me from loving the breed. They were so curious, and docile and all around beautiful.


A few months later I was given 3 roosters, Buff Laced cockerels who I named after rock stars. Benetar, Bowie, and Mercury.


About a month after that, I was contacted by another chickener who couldn't keep her birds due to an HOA, and I was given yet anoth Polish, this time a buff laced bearded female.


I seem to be hoarding them, but no shame. 


These birds are beautiful, docile, curious, and a hoot to watch runn around the yard.


my 2 polish black white crested are so beautiful, as birds go! lovable and psychotic!  kinda like my X..... nevermind!
Mine are psychotic. and skittish. I don't think I'd intentionally get them again on purpose.
You should try banding up their topknots. Mine are only a few days old, but it is supposed to make them less flighty and more aware of their surroundings, especially if you've got predators in the area.
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