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I Adore Polish!!!

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Pros: Hardy, friendly, easy care, decent layers of big white eggs, plus they make me laugh!

Cons: They will roost in trees if given the opportunity, but keep them safe in a coop at night.

If you have to build a separate coop in order to keep Polish, get busy because they are better entertainment than TV. Love all the beautiful colors, and my roosters are so nice I never worry about them being aggressive with anyone. Great birds for kids, and everyone that sees them here on the farm wants one or more!:-)


I agree that they are fun and do lay a very nice egg. The bantam WCB bantam Tricia lays a very nice egg for her size especially. Since I large dropping wattles, I need bearded Polish ! Bearded = no wattles
We love our Golden laced Polish. She took a long time to start laying this spring because she didn't get much light in under her "hair," and so she kept trying to go to bed at 3pm. There are much fewer daylight hours for a chicken always in the dark. Our Polish has a particularly fine crest of "hair," (we had 2 others, neither as spectacular as Spike's) and it's very full and poofy. So it was even darker for her than for some other Polish. Once she starts laying, though, she's a good layer. She does try to roost on the fence sometimes, and we have to go out and collect her and put her in the coop. I love that chicken, though. She's my favorite.
BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Polish › Reviews › Hot2Pot's Review