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Flighty But Pretty

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Pros: Fair Layers, Beautiful To Look At

Cons: Flighty, Often Become Spooked By Their Shadow or Crest

The Polish, otherwise known as a Poland, is a popular breed of chicken, best known for it's wild topknot of head feathers, called a crest. 


They originated in the Netherlands, not in Poland, as their name suggests. They can be quite tame, but most are flighty and skittish because their crest interferes with their vision, making them unable to see things, and causing them to get spooked. Polish hens rarely go broody, and are fair layers of small, white eggs.


They come in the following colors:


White crested black: APA recognized

White crested blue: APA recognized

White Crested Khaki: Not recognized by APA

White Crested Chocolate: Not recognized by APA

White Crested Cuckoo: Not recognized by APA

White Crested Buff: Not recognized by APA

Silver Laced: APA recognized

Golden Laced: APA recognized

Buff Laced: APA recognized

White Laced Red: APA recognized

Blue: Not recognized by APA

White: APA recognized

Self Black: Not recognized by APA

Self Cuckoo: Not recognized by APA 

Self Buff: Not recognized by APA

Tolbunt: Not recognized by APA

Partridge: Not recognized by APA

Crele: Not recognized by APA

Black Crested White: APA recognized 

Columbian: Not recognized by APA

Buff Columbian: Not recognized by APA

Black Tailed Red: Not Recognized by APA


Hope that helps someone out there! Thanks for looking! yippiechickie.gif



great info, thanks
Your welcome. Thanks for the rating!
I have a polish rooster and he is about 6 months.  He came as a freebie in a shipment of 15 S L Wynd.  The other birds keep pulling feathers out of his head and cause it to bleed.  It heals but I don't feel it's a good idea to put him with the other birds.  I would like to get him a Polish Hen and hatch chicks.  Should I get a few day old hen or a juvenile hen?
Hey! That picture of the running Buff-Laced-Polish-Rooster (having a fabulous hair day) is of my Buffy-Boy.  He's so cool!  He's also a great shoulder chicken.
My girl went broody this year and hatched 4 so far. If its contagious she probably picked the behavior up from my light brahmas. One just had a successful hatch.
just wondering how  to cross a polish with another breed and nor loose the crest
oh no here I go again...i just bought 2 black polish chicks. so cute i couldn't resist. so tiny with white crests/ quite curious as well,
I just turned over a brood into my custom made chicken castle. 7 pullets in all. All 4 weeks old call me Noah because I have 2 of each breed.
Ameraucanas/ one didn't  make it so i replaced it with a new chick..... man i miss that little friendly chick!!!
Rhode Island Reds
bantam barred rocks
brown/tan leghorns
The new brood has 2 black polish and the 1 Ameraucana  "pssst! I will probably get even more"
Did I happen to mention, I love raising chickens?
Don't Polish also come in splash? I dont think its APA but I think anything that comes in blue and black must come in splash too?
I don't know very much about these polish white crested feathered friends, but I think they know a lot about me! they will hop right up to my face,
turn their heads and stare right at me "eye to eye"  yes I'm already hen pecked and they aren't even hens yet!
I guess any breed of chick will warm up to us if they get enough attention. Mine get a lot of attention :)
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