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Very Friendly and adorable

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Pros: friendly, cute, curious, protective as roosters

Cons: a little too much flying

Although most people say how they can be bullied, my 2 polish roosters definitely fit in. The one silver laced polish rooster, Scrambles, is goofy with his tilted head feathers and just adorable. He's everyone's' favorite (except mine because I don't like to play favorites with my chickens) and will jump on my lap like a lap dog. He is super friendly and funny because his legs bend weird so he cant walk exactly normal. He isn't on the top of the pecking order (probably like second to last), but doesn't get picked on by anyone, except for the other rooster who gets mad at Scrambles if he pecks the hens. My other white crested blue bantam polish rooster, Eggy (they were both supposed to be girls),  is definitely the top chicken. He is a good looking bird who will fly on my shoulder. Eggy is very protective and has the total mentality of a rooster, unlike Scrambles who is just like another hen. Surprisingly, the two are not fighting at all even with only four hens! Only problem is they both have jumped on top of the coop, which is like 6 feet tall, and kind of encourage the others to do it too. Eggy is definitely Scrambles role model and Scrambles will follow him everywhere, even though Eggytries to get away because he thinks Scrambles is kind of a freak (which he is pretty much, but that isn't a bad thing for him). So, my overall thing for Polish chickens is they are great to have as pets.


We received an assortment of day olds with two white crested black Polish, a white laced buff Polish, a buff Cochin, a Phoenix (what a beautiful bird with a sweet little call), and a Cornish.  We weren't sure what we wanted and a friend had to order 15 but wanted more like 8, so they had us pick form some of the ones they received as part of an ornamental variety pack.  We had all kinds of ideas about what type of chickens we might want in the future, but I have to say, the Polish have such sweet personalities.  They all follow us around like puppies and love being pick up.  The others are friendly but not so keen on being picked up.  I've fallen in love with the breed and am considering looking into finding a fine Polish ro to join the girls.  My daughter (this is her acount) is very interested in breeding them and has told me he's got to be white crested splash polish. 
I have a white crested blue bantam polish rooster that might need a home (it's not for sure yet), he kind of looks like a splash rooster (I think better). He's very friendly and likes to be picked up. He's just a little moody sometimes. He's 4.5 months old. How old are your hens? Where are you located? SoCal?
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