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Polish Reviews

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Tough and Annoying


Pros: Tough

Cons: Flighty, Annoying, Almost Blind, Slightly Aggressive

A lot of you are not going to believe this review, but I am being quite serious. We recieved a polish chicken as our mystery chicken from Mcmurray hatchery with a bunch of Austrolorps. They are 11 months old now. He is the top chicken in the pecking order, has shown aggressive behaviour, and pecked a hole in my hen's head. But he was very tough being bitten by three dogs and survived. Overall I am not impressed with this breed and most likely will not get it again.

Not Cold Hardy


Pros: Very sweet, animated, pretty.

Cons: Not cold hardy, flighty, low in pecking order in mixed flock

I have had a number of Polish over the past three years and I can definitively say I will never get another one. I have a medium sized (25) mixed flock and the Polish were constantly being picked on. I had two Polish frizzles whose heads were picked clean by the other birds. When the winter came, they were just not hardy enough to withstand the New England cold, although all of my heavier breeds (Marans, Orpingtons, EE's) have had no problem with the cold. 
Golden Egg

Very cute, but high maintenance.


Pros: People-friendly and cute.

Cons: Spooks easily, prone to mites.

We got a white crested black Polish rooster as a free bonus chick from Murray McMurray Hatchery. We named him Pufflehead and he lived for several years. We absolutely loved him. You could walk right up to him, pet him, or pick him up; and he was so very cute and funny looking. But we had to keep him confined because if given room to run, he would spook and run away from (apparently) nothing at all. Also, he was constantly battling face mites. Since we like to free range our chickens and do things naturally, this made him difficult to care for. When he died, we were utterly heartbroken. My younger brother and sister wanted to get another one, but I decided to stick to easy-care breeds,...
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Pretty and Stupid


Pros: This bird is pretty and fun to watch

Cons: Can't see well, gets mistreated by regular birds, and seems to be below average intelligence.

I didn’t like owning the White Crested Black Polish. She seemed kind of stupid (comparatively speaking) and none of the other birds liked her. That combined with the crest blocking her vision meant a lot of problems for her. Probably would not own again.
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