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Polish Reviews

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Flighty But Pretty


Pros: Fair Layers, Beautiful To Look At

Cons: Flighty, Often Become Spooked By Their Shadow or Crest

The Polish, otherwise known as a Poland, is a popular breed of chicken, best known for it's wild topknot of head feathers, called a crest.    They originated in the Netherlands, not in Poland, as their name suggests. They can be quite tame, but most are flighty and skittish because their crest interferes with their vision, making them unable to see things, and causing them to get spooked. Polish hens rarely go broody, and are fair layers of small, white eggs.   They come in the following colors:   White crested black: APA recognized White crested blue: APA recognized White Crested Khaki: Not recognized by APA White Crested Chocolate: Not recognized...
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Kristin Brown

Silver Laced Polish


Pros: Productive Layer

Cons: Limited Eyesight

I get a medium white egg from my Silver Laced Polish hen on the daily bases. She is a petite chicken compared to other breeds of my flock. However I am pleased with how beautiful she is! I think most would agree that the Polish breed are great conversation starters. My guests are always shocked - even friends of mine that have experience with chickens. Everyone loves the crest. The only con I would point out is that the crest creates limited eyesight which can be dangerous for a free ranging chicken.    My chicken is a bit muddy in this picture!    

Fair Layers and Beautiful, sweet, Intellingent Birds, Did I Say Beautiful??


Pros: Sweet, Nice Great Pets

Cons: They Never go broody Which could be good or bad, Roosters are mean

I Have Polish right now Black White Crested and the rooster is mean and the hen never goes broody she's almost always in a mood. On the other hand they make great pets and show birds as well they are friendly curious things, Polish frizzles are very showy and flashy which they are like any other polish just in my opinion cooler. They are just the cutest things when they are baby's then they grow into intelligent, powerful, beautiful birds. :) 

Noisy, Beautiful,


Pros: Beautiful, White Eggs Layer, Friendly

Cons: Noisy

I have a Polish hen that is mottled with leakage and not a recognized color. She is a friendly bird and always come running with the rest when I go outside. She is good layer. Her eggs are white and always seem to be a little torpedo shape. She is very dramatic, screeches all day long, walks with her wings out, and because of her top hat she can't see well so she gets spoked easily. 

I love her to pieces but I hate the crest!


Pros: Really sweet, gentle, inquisitive personality - so cute!!

Cons: I hate that she can't see because of her crest so it requires constant maintenance to keep it trimmed and out of the way.

I would never have chosen to get a Polish because I think the crest is just ridiculous, but I rescued one that had no home. Her name is Quaffle and she is Golden Laced. As I said in the pros, she is sooooooo adorable and sweet and cute! However she is 90% blind because of her crest, and I can't stand to see her like that so I keep the majority of the crest feathers up using masking tape, and trim the rest around her face - she looks really silly (sorta cute I guess) and it's time consuming. However personality wise (when she can see) she is really curious and sweet and I do love her lots.

SO funny looking as there personality is!


Pros: Pretty, adventerous, lots of personality

Cons: NOISY, top hen, does not like the rooster

We have a gold laced polish named Lucille She looks like a cartoon character! We have even had to trim her head feathers as when they get wet they droop in her face and she can not see. A great layer! White eggs, although we get no babies from her due to the fact she will not let our rooster breed her. She is the noisiest chicken I have ever heard. She will scream until we let her free range. This chickens personality is as crazy as her hairdo!



Pros: Cute

Cons: not good reactions

Can someone PM me some info about weather they mix well or not

Good Birds


Pros: Adorable

Cons: Very Flighty

I've had about 5 Polish now and none of them have survived past 7mths...they can be perfectly healthy flying and running around with the flock and be dead ten minutes later..I cant keep um alive...



Pros: Goofy, Beutiful, Easy to catch, wonderful pet

Cons: None so far!

They are beutiful goofy chickens. Love them and want more!

White Crestd Black Polish Standard


Pros: Sweet temperment, docile, gentle, quiet

Cons: poor vision due to crest, quiet

I enjoy the Crested Polish, they have a sweet personality with a gentle disposition. Mine are quite docile, allowing me to pick them up with no hassles.  Due to the large crest on their heads, they have poor or limited vision, I find myself trimming the feathers on their crest back every couple of months.  Because of their poor vision they never stray too far from the coop.  I listed "quiet" as a con on here, because mine are very quiet, I sometimes find myself searching for them, just to make sure that a predator hasn't taken off with them. 
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