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Polish Reviews

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Fun birds


Pros: That topknot!

Cons: don't see well

Docile nice birds that your friends will love. To keep that topknot clean, band it up or keep their water in narrow containers so it doesn't fall in and get soiled. Dust the crest regularly for mites because they can't reach it to preen.
The Konnerator

The Polish


Pros: The top notches look pretty. Good layers. descent sized eggs. Freindly.

Cons: When they drink in the winter it gets in there top notches and they freeze. they get the top notches to protect their head. there head is very open.

A very nice breed to have, they are friendly nice and smart. they are very pretty. even though they will die because they froze from the water. you can cut their top notches.there top notches are open, so a couple of pecks and they will die. they have descent sized eggs.

Good looking birds


Pros: Beautiful, eye catching, not terrible layers, fun to watch

Cons: Limited eye sight, more susceptible to predators due to large crests, can be pretty flighty and nervous, can fly fairly well

We had a trio of Golden Polish that were about four years old. Unfortunately we lost them to a fox. Now, we have a trio of Buff Laced, Golden and Silver Polish. We got them for eye candy, and they fulfill their role very well! We love watching them peck around while their crests flop around. They're very attractive and fair layers of smallish white eggs. Their large crests do limit their eyesight considerably which can make them seem a little uncoordinated and well, stupid. They are also more vulnerable to predators and can be quite jumpy. As with most light breeds, their light weight and smaller frame make them able to fly pretty well. I believe their positive qualities outweigh their...
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chick fire

sweet chickens

I love this breed they are so funny and timid they can not see very well though other than that they are amazing

Fabulous Looking BIrds!


Pros: Without a Doubt: Their Funky Afros, Their Curious Nature, Decent Layers

Cons: Smaller Eggs, No Meat Aspect, Easily Spooked

I currently have 13 Polish chickens (one cockerel, 12 pullets). Every time someone visits I hear compliments on their "afros"! They are a joy to watch and great for shows! Not the best layers, but they get the job done!

Beautiful but not Brilliant


Pros: Beautiful, Hilarious, Friendly, Spunky

Cons: Poor Vision, Flighty, a bit ...well dumb

I've had three polish hens and worked on a private farm with a flock of polish. These hens are beautiful and quite the characters. Currently my two hens will come charging out of the coop in the AM and fly all over the yard with each other at top speed! They're hilarious to watch and so full of life. Also very hardy, one of my hens was attacked and survived an open neck wound like it was no big deal. The problem with these birds are they can't see and act very odd sometimes. One of my polish hens got stuck behind a box and instead of calling out or anything she laid there and died until I found her in the evening after work. They also roost in weird places. Instead of the roost bar they...
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Funny Chickens


Pros: Cute Crests, Nice Eggs, Wacky Personalities, Can be Social

Cons: Poof Restricts Vision, Skittish

I have had several Polish before, and two right now. A wc black bantam, Marian, and a wc black standard, Rebel.   Marian is sometimes skittish, but will peck your leg demanding for treats or will jump on you when you are sitting wanting to be pet. I got her a couple years ago from MPC as a chick. She started laying at 22ish weeks in the winter.     Rebel is a different story. I got her a couple of years ago from a fellow BYCer at 20 weeks. Rebel came from Meyer. Her poof never grew back from when I first got her, she hats being held and is hard to catch. She lays nice medium tinted eggs though.    The white poofs do get dirty in the spring and are impossible...
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good birds!


Pros: friendly, tame and docile

Cons: can be jumpy, sometimes mine runs into the fence or the coop!

i have a buff polish and her name is beaker, she is very friendly, and docile, the other chickens tend to pick on her because she is so lade back. and she cant see the best.. but she is sooo sweet!!! she is not flighty and she is only jumpy when she hears some thing strange like a wood pecker or a squirrel.     here is a picture of her when she was a baby, she is the one on the right.  

Adorable and sweet! The hens make great pets!


Pros: These birds are beauties!

Cons: Can't see very well, unintelligent

I purchased four buff laced polish from Cackle Hatchery. Let me say, I loved these birds. They are very unusual with their slate colored legs and top knot. They lay pretty well, about three to four eggs a week, but as chickens they need special care because they can't see well and can easily get lost. The hens are sweet but the males are very energetic and high strung. The breed usually gets bullied. I would not recommend this breed to anyone just starting out with chickens. This is not a beginners breed.   Overall, a delightful breed!  

Fun to watch


Pros: Attractive to look at

Cons: can be skittish

I raised 3 polands from one hatch, 2 chamoise hens and their brother a black and white, one hen was very skittish and wouls not tame at all, her sister was the total opposite, very very friendly spent alot of time in the house with us and the cats (she was not scared of them at all and after a couple of harsh pecks on their noses they left her alone compleatly, she would often come to the back door to be let in. Their brother was a stripy little g*bs***e and that became his name, right from hatch he was very very loud, boistrous and into everything eventually we had to re-home him as he was just to noisey for the the people that lived round me( i live in a city) but all in all i like the...
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