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Production Reviews


Great Layers, fun for kids


Pros: Good layers, hardy in cold and warm climates

Cons: Can be aggressive to other breeds

My parents bought six production reds two years ago.  One died suddenly with no reasonable explanation for cause of death.  Last year, my parents decided to add another couple of different breeds, and the productions did not take kindly to them.  The first addition was a Splash colored Ameraucana (Betty).  The productions could tolerate her in their coop as long as she was in a crate, but if she was in close proximity, they would gang up on her and try to kill her.  My mother bought a second coop just for her, but it was too late.  Betty flew over the fence and was killed by a dog.     The production reds are not an overly friendly breed to...
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Excellent Chicken


Pros: Lots of big eggs, lay consistently through the winter

Cons: none

I have 5 of these girls who are coming on to a year old.  They started laying at 4 months old and have continued laying strong throughout the winter with no additional heat or light.  They are curious and friendly. Although I don't pick them up and carry them around, they are always come running and wander happily around my feet.  Between the 5 of them they consistently lay 4 or 5 eggs a day.  They didn't seem to take any time off during the winter even when the Barred Rocks slowed down their laying for a while.  They don't seem to be aggressive with each other and they are all lower on the pecking order than the 2 Barred Rocks.  I love their...
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old reliable


Pros: egg production, availability, efficient

Cons: individuals can be aggressive to other birds

These were the first 2 hens we acquired. We still have them and they are still laying. One was found to have a slipped tendon when we got home from the breeder but the kids were already smitten... Even that gimpy hen is still laying and healthy. The other one is the flock boss. Both are tame and will sit in your lap, but do not like to be picked up. Neither has ever gone broody

love this one most


Pros: great producer

Cons: too social at times

I have two production reds.  They began to lay right at 4 months and almost always give me an egg each a day.  They have been handled a lot between me and my kids and are our friendliest chickens.  Almost too friendly.  If I let them out of the run they will peck at me till I feed them or hold them.  My kids love them because they always approach us and they can pick them up without a chicken chase.  They are loud layers, but I share eggs with my neighbors occasionally to buffer the noise burden.



Pros: Great layers, Nice, and good looking

Cons: i have none

i got one at auction with a RIR and she has layed since the day i got her.

Loud, good layers


Pros: Early and constant Layers

Cons: Loud, a little mean

I have 3 production reds. They started laying at 4 months, while my other chickens didn't begin until 6 months or later. They are all loud and will not allow you to touch them. 

Great layers does not play well with others.


Pros: They lay 6 eggs a week without fail. Hardy in both our hot summers and freezing winters.

Cons: Bad flockmates.

My production reds were 1/2 the birds in my very first flock raised from chicks. They tolerate their Buff Orp. flock mates just fine but it took an agonizingly long time for them to let the next years chicks in without trying to kill them, even though one was a Brahma rooster that was as big as them (he was the focus of most of their lethal hate) and I kept them separate but visually accessible for 6 weeks before trying to meld them. Ali runs her coop with an iron beak and will tolerate no disrespect. They were handled a lot as chicks and are neither friendly nor skittish with humans and they tolerate my chicken safe dog really well. They tolerate their health checks fine and Ali had to...
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Nice Layers


Pros: Eggs, Blend in with Enviorment

Cons: Mean

I have a PR rescue named Bonnie. She is pretty nice to people, but not nice to other chickens. She is maybe 3-4 years old and still laying nicely. 

Great friendly layers, but you never know what you'll REALLY be getting


Pros: Great layers of BIG brown eggs- even in winter, can be really friendly, readily available

Cons: You never quite know what breed mix you're getting, wont breed true

We have two hens that we bought at the local Tractor Supply Co. at a steep discount because they were getting big.  They were advertised as "Production Red Pullets". To me though, they look very much like Red Sex Links.  Our experience with these hens has been great!  Our two PR's live with 18 Rhode Island Red hens and 3 Rhode Island Red Roosters.  All are true free-ranged.  Our PR's are SUPER friendly, great foragers, and quite predator wary.  They lay HUGE beautiful brown eggs even through winter.  We actually got a couple with a double-yolk this December :)  They follow us around the yard scratching and eat bugs out of my sons hands, letting him...
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Awesome breeds


Pros: Great layers,friendly

Cons: Aggressive toward other birds

My  3 production red hens are by far 1 of the best hens on the farm,I will add more info: Do really have a  Production red? A production is  a pure brown bird with,occasionly  a few white tail feathers,and rarely,a few white specks on the neck,many of you BYC members likely have red sexlinks considering feed stores don't know what they have.   1 of my hens:
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