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Red Sussex Chicken


Pros: friendly, good egg layers, energetic, always happy (if u treat them properly), funny and entertaining ,

Cons: sometimes can be aggesive a little and picky at what it eats

 i have three red sussex chickens and 1/3 are laying and she lays 6-7 days a week there are always vary alert and always curious. mine love to go to the neighbors yard somehow they always find a way to get over there!!!!!!!!   I love them alot they are very loving and always run up to you as i said curious to see what ur doing


Pros: Friendly, curious, easily tamed, good at free ranging

Cons: None

I received 1 red Sussex pullet from my breeder earlier this year. She was 6 months old at the time, started laying shortly thereafter. The eggs are medium and cream colored. She is a reliable layer, 4-5 eggs per week. Super friendly, I wish I could find more, but I hear these are very rare. She is the only red Sussex I have seen.
Red Sussex Chicken

The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed that originating in England around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43 [1] that is a popular backyard chicken in many countries. They come in eight colors (with a couple more being developed) and have a bantam version at 1/4 size; the bantams may be any of the eight colours. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Egg ProductivityHigh
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ColorCream to light brown
Breed TemperamentForager
Breed Colors/Varieties8-10
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Climate Tolerance
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: meat and/or eggs, foraging

Comb: Single

Broodiness: fair

Climate Tolerance: good in cold climates


General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity:

Egg Size: medium to large

Egg Color: brown


Breed Temperament:


Alert, attractive and good foragers.

Breed Colors / Varieties:



Skin is white

Standard Weights: Cock-9 pounds; hen-7 pounds; cockerel-7-1/2 pounds; pullet-6 pounds.




Breed Details:


They have rectangular bodies; the speckled variety is especially attractive.  Sussex combine both exhibition and utility virtues but are more popular in Canada, England and other parts of the world than in the U.S.

A general purpose breed for producing meat and or eggs. One of the best of the dual purpose chickens, a good all-around farm fowl.

Origin: Sussex originated in the county of Sussex, England where they were prized as a table fowl more than 100 years ago. Still popular in Great Britain and the light variety has figured prominently in the development of many of their commercial strains. Sussex is one of the oldest breeds that are still with us today in fair numbers.


Chicken Breeds and Varieties (A2880), John L. Skinner, University of Wisconsin-Madison




Chicken Breed Photos:


Primary Image













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