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I am not a rir person

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Pros: good layers

Cons: aggressive

these are the most aggressive to other chickens I have seen, got so I would lock them out of the coop at night, I would never get these again, not even the red sex link that comes from them


If you got them from a hatchery, they are likely production reds. They do tend to be aggressive but they are great layers. Pure bred Rhode Island Reds are not common and their personalities are pretty quiet and gentle. You are likely to have to find a breeder to get one because hatcheries carry the cross breeds. Rather than lock out your rirs and leave them prey for just about every animal in the world, why don't you re-home them. They are wonderful layers and many people would like to have them.
I would have to agree with Kate's comment, hatchery birds are completely different birds from standard bred RIR, look for a quality breeder and there are some great RIR's out there.
Hatcheries do not cull for aggressiveness, they are just concerned with numbers, a good breeder would cull a mean bird in a heartbeat! Never judge a bird based on the hatchery version!
they've been long gone, the coop is in a fenced area so they were fine
Just want to put this so folks don't get the wrong impression of these RIR's. When one of my brothers was just a little tyke, a big RIR Rooster jumped up and took a chunk out of his lip. My oldest sister caught that roo and rung his neck. This was years ago. NOW, I have the heritage RIR's and believe me, you couldn't find a mean one in the bunch. I can reach down and pet the roo's and pick up the hens and carry them around etc. I have quite a few different breeds of chickens and I can honestly say that I don't even think about any of these roos coming after me nor do any of them really fight. Now mind, every once in a while they will peck at each other but nothing serious. I do not put older roo's together unless they've been raised together from chicks. The heritage birds can't be beat.
Wow I have never had a mean RIR, they one I have now is sweet and calm, the other chickens pick on her. Plus when I was little about 4 we had a RIR Rooster named Crazy Legs and I carried that chicken everywhere best rooster we ever had.
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