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Good ornamental freeranger, not great meat bird.

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Royal Palm

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Pros: Pretty birds, good foragers, great parents.

Cons: Dresses out like an old laying hen.

I raised a group of 8.  They were all flighty and could get over a 5 ft fence even with clipped wings.  After processing a couple of toms I sold the rest as breeders due to poor carcass quality.  If you are looking for an excellent meat bird I recommend looking elsewhere.  The toms I had processed were 8 months old and weighted 11lbs dressed out.  The flavor was good but the meat was tough, the carcass looked like a larger version of some old laying hens that we processed a while back.  They were allowed to free range and had ample access to grains and a high protein grower pellet from the local feed mill.  


If you are looking for something pretty to run around your property and breed like crazy, these would be a good pic.  If you are looking for a good freeranger that is also a great table bird, look elsewhere.


Gosh, so good to read this. I just was put on a list for some. What breed of Turkey is best for meat??
Very helpful, looking for a meat bird. Our breeder has Royal Palms, Bourbon Red's and Chocolates. Haven't looked into the chocolates yet. Bourbons looking the best. Your opinion's? Thank you for an honest summary, so many people are trying to make them out as meat birds.
Where did you get your Royal Palms? I have found temperament to be largely strain-based, so want to find calm ones.
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