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Cute chick

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Salmon Favorelle

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Too soon to tell if I am going to like this breed. I have what is supposed to be an almost 2 week old chick but her development looks more to be 2 - 3 weeks. She is huge compared to my other chicks from the same group. I was wondering if this is normal for the breed? As a chick she loves to watch over the other chicks and lets them snuggle up to her. If this is a sign of things to come (broody etc.) she is already being a "Mama hen." Here is a picture of her as a "week old" - she is the large one in the back.


Are you sure you don't have a group of bantams with one standard sized Favorelle? That's sure what it looks like to me.
That, or you have a red broiler and not a faverolle. 
Does it have a beard?
That is cute!
It sure doesn't look like it has feathered feet. All Faverolles have 5 toes. Does that chick? Agreeing with allosaurus on this. Though I don't think Faverolles deserve a poor rating based on your one chick that sure doesn't seem like a faverolle and isn't a bad chick.
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