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Sebastopol Reviews

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Pros: good-natured, distinctive feathering

Cons: a bit less cold tolerant than other geese breeds

Calm breed.  My Sebastopols follow me around.

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Made me stop being afraid of geese!


Pros: friendly, quirky, tolerant of other fowl, beautiful

Cons: noisy, gets dirty easily

I was TERRIFIED of geese until we got our female Sebastopol, Lucy. She is adorable, gorgeous, and loves people (and other animals!). She loves scratches and will sit on my lap and eat treats from my hands. She doesn't nip, chase, or act territorial - and she greets us every day with hilarious rubber-chicken-esc calls. She lives with several ducks and two chickens and definitely considers herself to be "one of the ducks"; not only does she consider herself their protector, she is always right there with the flock, even offering a little grooming and cuddling. Make sure that you can provide your Sebastopol with plenty of fresh water - their curly, often white feathers tend to stain...
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i have never had the breed, but i know people who do and they say they are great, but i think they are the most ugly goose in the world!!   

Sebastopol Geese


Pros: Beautiful, calm, friendly

Cons: None

I LOVE my Sebastopols! I have 3 Buffs and 1 Grey! They are very quiet until they hear someone yelling or unless the cat walks by their pen. They have lovely feathers and I can't believe in my 10 years of raising birds that I had just found this breed! They are a real delight to raise and you won't be disappointed with your decision of raising some of these Beauty's! 


i purchase a couple 2 years ago, she got a repiratory disease and was trying to seat on eggs. Lost her so sad and my gander is so sad. His personality change completly, now he is quite and walks around looking for her. They are so beautiful. Love my Pierre.



Pros: quiet, calm

Cons: hard to keep clean

I JUST LOVE THIS BREED! They were the first breed of geese I started with and will never live without them. Great overall breed. Don't lay enough eggs in my opinion. I own whites, splash, saddlebacks, buff, gray, and soon lavenders. I would love to thank CottageRose for getting me into this breed. If you don't have some, get them. NOW. 
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