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Silkie Reviews

Positive Reviews


Love My Silkie Chickens!


Pros: Interesting, cute, small, wonderful disposition, and great broody mothers!

Cons: Egg laying can be a con since they are often broody. They also require a little more TLC than other breeds.

Silkies are a wonderful bantam pet breed in my experience.  They have funny personalities and are friendly, even with children.  They make great, nurturing mothers and even the roosters are often good with chicks.  This is why some use silkies to hatch eggs from other types of poultry.  The silkie girls were born to be mothers and often go broody.  They are dedicated and determined to hatch!  I say they require more TLC than other breeds, because they cannot see well with their large puffy crests.  They are a very easy target for predators and should be free ranged only under close supervision.  This also makes them fall easy from attacks...
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My Favourite


Pros: Fluffy, friendly, cute, puffy, gorgeous, I could go on forever,

Cons: Nothing, they're amazing

I absolutely love my silkies, they never put a foot wrong, my hen always protect and mothers any new chickens. The rooster barely crows and I've never seen him pick a fight with any chickens.

I love my babies!


Pros: adorable, fluffy, fairly easy to train, sweet, and loving

Cons: flighty, hard to keep fluff clean

I was shocked at how easy they catch on to routine! We have a separate run from our coop and we've taken to carrying our silkies to it, but then we had the idea to have our babies walk to the run by themselves. It works like a charm and we just supervise as they walk in then close the gate behind them. That easy! They are the sweetest birds I've ever met but very difficult to keep clean because they will roll around in the dirt and come out looking like a spotted brown and white Pomeranian! My sister was begging me to name one of them 'Dog'. Anyways, the silkies are very flighty and easily frightened by mowers or loud sounds near them.

Negative Reviews


Have yet to live up to the hype


Pros: Talkative, Fluffy

I am disappointed with my two silkies.  I wanted them because everyone says they are frequently broody (at nearly one year my two haven't tried) and friendly (they aren't, they are just slow enough you can catch them...mine growl at me and one freaks out if I touch her).  They were slow to start laying, but do give a good number of tiny eggs.  My son does like them (hence "fluffy") and I do enjoy the wide range of quiet vocalizations.
I Love Layers

Hate, Hate, Hate


Pros: None

Cons: Aggressive, kill chicks. noisy, obnoxious, and do not live up to the expectation

I absolutely hate them!! I got them for hatching eggs, never went broody in 2 years.   I was fine with them not going broody as they turned out smaller then expected. But they lay probably 50 eggs a year each not even. The rooster is aggressive and obnoxious. The hens have killed chicks and constantly make noise and chase the other hens around.   Never again will I get silkies

Cute but not economical


Pros: Fuzzy

Cons: Takes along time to begin laying can't tell gender

Silkies make good pets but thats about it. Mine are hard to cull because I cant tell roosters from hens. Mine are 8 months and the cockerels and pullets still cant be identified. I have 6 and none have crowed or layed eggs. Neither males or females have wattles or combs.

More Reviews


Silkies are aswome


Pros: they are broody mothers, they are funny to watch, eat slugs in gardens with out harming plants, FLUFFY

Cons: there eggs are kind of small and they dont lay as much due to the broody factor

I love this bird because they are good for show and they are also broody mothers alot. The eggs are not very big but look at the bird they are kinda small to me. They do like to eat slugs and they do not always eat plants. They are easy to let free range but hawks are a big issue due to not being able to see very well (feathers block view).

Great pets, Good hatchers, so-so mothers


Pros: Extremely friendly and broody, gentle

Cons: No defensive instincts, terrible in wet climates, not alert to dangers

I like silkies but it is a myth that they are "The Most Broody Hens"  They are consistently broody but pathetic when it comes to raising chicks in anything but a secured environment.   If you want the most low-maintenance broody bantam, go with a cochin or better yet, an American Game Hen.  This way the chicks will grow up with a clue on how to forage and survive from threats.   They are perfect for little kids and folks that have a place to put a defenseless puffball   

Cute little living yard ornaments


Pros: Attractive, docile, great broodies if you don't want to deal with bators.

Cons: Not friendly lap chickens, hawk magnets, will stay broody for over 3 mos

We've bred and raised 16 Silkies over the past 2 years, handled them daily, but none of them got particularly friendly. They are so docile, though; they will meekly submit to being handled. I have bathed and blow dried hens and roos without any fuss. The broodies won't get upset or peck when I check out the eggs or chicks under them. All of my girls started laying eggs after 7 mos.of age and would go broody for the 1st time by 9 mos. If I didn't let them keep the eggs, they would stay broody for over 3 mos! I do use them to hatch eggs from other breeds. My moms would go broody again within 3 weeks after they stopped raising their chicks. My oldest roo would actually give the moms a break...
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Silkies are Wonderful


Pros: friendly, soft & fluffy, easily handled, great adoptive moms, protective roosters

Cons: can't always see peripherally, easy target for predators

I have loved my silkies from the start.  I have a pair of white silkies and black silkies.  I have one small buff silkie hen.  I have had great experience with the hens hatching their own chicks and adopting chicks that have already been hatched, that are full size chickens.  They are wonderful all around.  Sweet dispositions, easy to handle and one of my favorite breeds.  They never seem quite like a chicken and they usually smell nice. The white hen with Christmas eve babes and the black hen with her adopted eggs and chicks. My Silkie Rooster, named Romeo and of course the white hen is Juliette.  The chicks are Kringle and Holly born on Christmas...
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Chicken Egg 17

Great calm beautiful broody birds


Pros: Great broody mothers such a calm docile bird

Cons: Don't lay very many eggs but it's not a problem to me so that's the only problem I have with them

I highly reccomend this breed especially for family's who have kids that would want to hold the chicken and feed them some bread or something with out having a breed that is going to jump out of there arms and there wing hit them in the face. They love to be pet and held also which I like to do a lot just to pet them talk to them give them a treat and let them go back to the flock but I highly reccomend this breed for small children and people who love Broodys

Favorite breed of chicken


Pros: Docile, loving, will raise your chicks, very good with children.

Cons: Can't think of any, excpet that their crests and small size makes them have a greater risk with predators.

I love silkies, they are my favorite breed! They go broody constantly. Very tame, they are also very good with children. Not aggressive. The best chicken breed!

Beautiful bearded balls of fluff!


Pros: Pretty to look at, friendly, calm, gentle, wonderful temperament, great if you have children, excellent broody hens

Cons: can't free-range cause they don't see too well if they have huge crests, feathers don't repel rain like normal chickens, somewhat of a delicate breed

My first silkies were hatchery birds and I did not like them at all. They weren't fluffy enough and their crests were on the small side so I got some nicer quality ones and I am in love with them and will be breeding them next spring. They have wonderful temperaments and are great with children. They come in lots of different color varieties and are adorable little fluffy critters.   This is Jasper the splash cockerel when he was younger.   This is Jasper now at 4 months old.   Here are a few others.   This is Princess Marauder the 4 month old pullet.   Marauder close-up. Mixed colored silkie chicks   Mixed color silkie cockerel ...
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Love my lil fuzzy butt.....


Pros: Interesting, cute, small, wonderful disposition, Fluffy, friendly, gorgeous, talkative

Cons: Feathered feet get wet/dirty way too much, can be onry when young...

I love my little silkie. She can act like a toddler going through terribles 2's sometimes but she so adorable and interesting to watch. Very active. 



Pros: does well in confined spaces

Cons: Prone to leg issues as chicks, prefers sleeping in the nesting boxes at night rather than roosting

I purchased my silkies from TSC over a year ago. Believe it or not, none have gone broody so far, they lay a good amount of eggs and they're not as low ranking in the flock like I thought they would be - pretty bossy chickens! I'm giving 3 stars because they didn't turn out as I expected. I feel like this review was meant for another breed, but nope! I will edit my review when I purchase from a breeder, I definitely want to give this breed another go.
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