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Great calm beautiful broody birds

Chicken Egg 17
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Pros: Great broody mothers such a calm docile bird

Cons: Don't lay very many eggs but it's not a problem to me so that's the only problem I have with them

I highly reccomend this breed especially for family's who have kids that would want to hold the chicken and feed them some bread or something with out having a breed that is going to jump out of there arms and there wing hit them in the face. They love to be pet and held also which I like to do a lot just to pet them talk to them give them a treat and let them go back to the flock but I highly reccomend this breed for small children and people who love Broodys


I have a Silkie flock of about 18, equal #'s hens and roo's. I never cease raving about them and recommending them highly. BUT, just for the record, I have to say the following, not to make others wrong, but more to say that they can vary a LOT from what one might expect of them. Mine, for example, are prodigious layers when they are not brooding - and that is not all that often. They do go broody, but, left unassisted or to their own devices, they are not that persistent or successful. My Silkies are great foragers!; they are the first to rise and get about - and the very last to go to bed. They know which side their bread is buttered on it (and who butters it!) and are easy to spoil. They are easy to confine but happiest when given freedom to range, dust bathe, and graze. Mine are NOT cuddly and are quite adept at avoiding capture. They do fine with LF breeds, and develop a tolerance for those who can live by their rules - but they keep pretty much to themselves. My Silkie Roos can be absolute terrors if they take an exception to you. They are paranoid and fast with their spurs. One minute they're crowding for food, and the next they're looking like they want to make my leg bloody. The point is, I would not ever trust them around a small child. It's something to think about if you are considering buying chicks, because they are usually sold straight run and you'll probably get some cockerels that will be hard to unload. In the end, mine have worked out and we coexist easily - with a little bit of patience thrown in. They ARE a delight and easy to care for.
Ive had Silkies for about 4-5 years. They are in pen but I let them free range every once and while. My now 7 year old loves them. They do not bother her even if she picks them up. They mostly don't like to be picked up. I have a few that will let me no problem and a young roo that follows me like a lost puppy. I agree, they have there own personality. So know them before you let a child around them.
I don't have any silkies....yet! Just getting started, and getting our coop and run built first, then...we will be off! Anyway, we decided on silkies and showgirls due to their gentle nature with children, and OFCOURSE, their looks. Theses will be pets for our disabled son ( Autistic-severely so..) but will be showing them too we hope . Working with local 4 H leaders to start a Poultry Club for disabled children. 😀 Wish us luck, and pray!
The Poultry Club for Disabled Children sounds wonderful to me; I find my poults very therapeutic. Were it me, I'd go with a larger, more placid breed for therapy purposes. Whatever you choose, though, you have my prayers and wishes for good luck!
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