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Pros: adorable, friendly, easily tamed, small size, easy to catch

Cons: protect from weather, hard to sex, broodiness?

I'm currently several months in to raising my first pair of Silkies. I have so much enthusiasm for this breed, they are just the best. So much fun, so much fluff, so much personality. What more could you want?


"But they'll get dirty," you say. Um, mine don't. Aside from a little dirt on their feet (which, let's face it, no chicken of any breed is picky about what they step in), they stay remarkably clean. My white Silkie is the color of fresh snow. My buff Silkie shines in the sun like she was poked by King Midas. Which makes sense, because no one can keep their hands off these birds. They are so soft. Like a stuffed animal come to life. Seriously, the cuddle potential of this animal is unlimited.


"But what if it's a boy?" you say. Yeah, what if? I seriously doubt you're getting a Silkie for eggs, because a) they're bantams, their eggs will be little and b) Silkies are notorious for going broody, which will decrease the number of eggs you get anyway. Be honest with yourself, you want a Silkie because they are cute and fluffy, and Silkie roos are just as fluffy and friendly as Silkie hens.


"But they can't get wet!" Were you planning to leave your chickens in harsh weather unprotected? No?? Well then keeping Silkies out of the rain should not be an issue. They can get wet, btw, it's just not a good idea to leave them that way. You can blow-dry them. I said blow-dry them.


Silkies are wonderful. If you want to hatch some eggs, Silkies make great moms. If you want a great pet, Silkies are your go-to chicken. If you want an unusual-looking bird with a great personality...yeah, you get the point. Here's my white Silkie, Sugar:



And my buff Silkie, Spice:


And if all that didn't convince you, here's my winning argument:


Silkies can wear Build-A-Bear clothes.



I rest my case.

1 Comment:

I have a number of Silkies, and  though I love them, they do not not dote on me, and they do not make great demands of me.  Some of the things I've found out about my 16 bird flock:  they are hardy, adaptable, and prolific, and seemingly immune to disease.  The hens lay LOTS of eggs and may be my best layers; they are good foragers and willing captives, but they seem to be happier free-ranging; my Silkies get along fine with my LF, and they stick together as a single tight unit; the roos can be nasty as adolescents, but mine have mellowed out to a nice decency in their older age; mine don't like being handled, and I don't like handling them; they do have unique and engaging personalities; because they are light (on their feet), they seem not at all prone to foot problems; they don't get frost bitten.  They are great birds to have hanging about, and I can recommend them to anybody.  And mine have been good broodies and wonderful mothers.  They are prolific.
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