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Love them!

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Pros: fluffy, cute, friendly, small, docile, goes broody

Cons: easy target for predators, low heat tolerance

I love my fluffy little silkie. I currently only have one silkie hen, but I have had a few in the past. They are sweet as pie birds, even the roosters I've had. They make good mothers. They lay decently in my opinion. Every other day or so I get an egg. They did take a long laying break in winter.

The bad side is they need to be provided relief from the heat and I'm in Georgia. They need shade, lots of cool water, and maybe even a fan if you can provide it. They are also not too fast and not too bright, so an easy target for predators unless they are locked up.


Cute! How does your one Silkie do without others of her kind? Has she made friends with another bantam? Does she have any LF friends?  I am thinking of paring down my Silkie group to just one, but I don't want her to be lonely. 
I have her in with two showgirls. In the pen are also two young showgirl/silkie babies that I'm growing out for someone and three easter eggers I also was growing out. They all get along well. I'd be nervous of putting a silkie in with full sized birds they weren't raised with, but I don't think they care what breed their flockmates are.
I love them! I have 3, only 1 hen though, she is a Black Bearded Silkie. She started laying in January. What a great breed! I am gonna show her this year. My roosters are protective, but sometimes attack my ankles :( Not too happy about that.
All in all, love em!
BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Silkie › Reviews › Mylied's Review