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Love My Silkie Chickens!

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Pros: Interesting, cute, small, wonderful disposition, and great broody mothers!

Cons: Egg laying can be a con since they are often broody. They also require a little more TLC than other breeds.

Silkies are a wonderful bantam pet breed in my experience.  They have funny personalities and are friendly, even with children.  They make great, nurturing mothers and even the roosters are often good with chicks.  This is why some use silkies to hatch eggs from other types of poultry.  The silkie girls were born to be mothers and often go broody.  They are dedicated and determined to hatch! 

I say they require more TLC than other breeds, because they cannot see well with their large puffy crests.  They are a very easy target for predators and should be free ranged only under close supervision.  This also makes them fall easy from attacks of other chickens, and they can easily get brain injuries from head pecks.  Silkies aren't the best about putting themselves away in a coop either when they have an attached run, so it may be necessary to pick them up and put them to bed.  This is especially true when it's cold and wet.

I think their fluffy look is absolutely adorable!  Silkies are the chicken for me.  ♥



That chick is way too cute! I can't wait to get mine! I'm on a list to get some around February 14th. I've been wanting these little guys!
They are Adorable! Just adorable. I would love to have some for my granddaughters.
TLC Tender Loving Care
My silkie turned out to be a roo, darn!.  He seems sturdier than others described here and defintely puts himself to bed at night.  I cant image a chicken needing to be picked up and put in bed.   Silkies are nice to people but are tough on other roos, even those much bigger.  Silkies are more for looks than for eggs and they arent for meat as far as I know . The flesh of a black one is black.  They have beautiful silk.  One died on me when he tried to fly down with the other chickens she grew up with.  Her silk really didnt work like feathers, its like a kid jumping off a roof with an umbrella.  But everybody she was raised with did and it cost her life.  The white ones Ive had were much smarter than the black and the roos much better at taking care of the hens.  Could be just me, not a big enough statistical sample.
I love the marten-like black dots.
They are all so cute! I am going to get 2 silkies in the spring. I am still deciding on colors.
Silkies are the best.  Some people are even keeping them in their home as a house pet.
They are my favorite breed and they really are better companions than most cats.  They are fun, beautiful and great mothers.  They are bantams so they stay small, that makes it easier to keep more and have all different colors.  Once you have Silkies, you will always have Silkies.
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