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Silkies are Wonderful

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Pros: friendly, soft & fluffy, easily handled, great adoptive moms, protective roosters

Cons: can't always see peripherally, easy target for predators

I have loved my silkies from the start.  I have a pair of white silkies and black silkies.  I have one small buff silkie hen.  I have had great experience with the hens hatching their own chicks and adopting chicks that have already been hatched, that are full size chickens.  They are wonderful all around.  Sweet dispositions, easy to handle and one of my favorite breeds.  They never seem quite like a chicken and they usually smell nice.

The white hen with Christmas eve babes and the black hen with her adopted eggs and chicks.

IMG_1312.JPGIMG_1315 copy.jpgIMG_1133.JPGMy Silkie Rooster, named Romeo and of course the white hen is Juliette.  The chicks are Kringle and Holly born on Christmas Eve 2011.


Absolutely GORGEOUS!!
I just love my silkies. They are the sweetest bird in the coop besides the seabrite.
plz contact me my email is if you are willing to sell any of your silkie roosters but it has to be around weztern ma because my silkie hen really whant a mate
I live in Fairbanks Alaska. I do have an extra White Silkie male who just started crowing over the weekend. Unfortunately, he is related to every other silkie. So I need to get some fresh blood because I don't want siblings mating to siblings or parents for that matter. I have my black silkie but I'm not sure how they would come out. Maybe tuxedo silkies.
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