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Silkies are aswome

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Pros: they are broody mothers, they are funny to watch, eat slugs in gardens with out harming plants, FLUFFY

Cons: there eggs are kind of small and they dont lay as much due to the broody factor

I love this bird because they are good for show and they are also broody mothers alot. The eggs are not very big but look at the bird they are kinda small to me. They do like to eat slugs and they do not always eat plants. They are easy to let free range but hawks are a big issue due to not being able to see very well (feathers block view).


Do you have any insight on sexing silkies from 6-8 weeks? I have 2 and I'm trying to determine what they are.
no you have to wait until they are older at about 10-12 weeks old before i can tell i for sure had one male and the others are still in question about their sex
Love this breed. Have two that are always together. As they have gotten older they are not as likely to be around my feet but they are such fun to watch. They are about 2 1/2 months old and IF I had known I could get the chicks earlier they just might be the only breed I would have. But they tend to mind their own business and when my roos or RSL hens get to close they tend to hop over the offending chicken and go about their business.
Im getting 2 next year!
BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Silkie › Reviews › hiddenacres's Review