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Cute little living yard ornaments

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Pros: Attractive, docile, great broodies if you don't want to deal with bators.

Cons: Not friendly lap chickens, hawk magnets, will stay broody for over 3 mos

We've bred and raised 16 Silkies over the past 2 years, handled them daily, but none of them got particularly friendly. They are so docile, though; they will meekly submit to being handled. I have bathed and blow dried hens and roos without any fuss. The broodies won't get upset or peck when I check out the eggs or chicks under them.

All of my girls started laying eggs after 7 mos.of age and would go broody for the 1st time by 9 mos. If I didn't let them keep the eggs, they would stay broody for over 3 mos! I do use them to hatch eggs from other breeds. My moms would go broody again within 3 weeks after they stopped raising their chicks. My oldest roo would actually give the moms a break and take care of the chicks for a while.

Although our Silkies aren't as friendly as we hoped they would be, we do enjoy watching them free range in our backyard. They are so cute and resemble two legged poodles running around. Our eldest female frequently and loudly yells at the others, so she's been nicknamed "the Bitchin Chicken", lol! Unfortunately, Silkies are hawk targets. The neighborhood red tail ignores the standard size chickens and zeroes in on the Silkies only, so when we aren't home, they have to stay in a covered run while the big girls get to run free all day.


I have some that are like that too. But then I have some that will come up to me and want me to ho.d's the weirdest thing, when they get all comfortable and situated in my arms..and I'm like "um , ok I have Things to do. And am like "you can't nap!" But, I do hold them for a little while , because it's sweet and not really normal. My silkies love being mothers over-and-over again. Some wifi stop being moms too early ( the mom isn't "tough " enough to ward off the rest of the floc. I've had some be moms for 4 months ( they demanded respect and fought to be #1, hen, otherwise , they too would have stop being a mom. My Roo is so funny ( I only have 1,now) I chose to keep him because he's a lover , not a fighter.. And it's so funny because he tries to stop the hens from fighting, but he doesn't always succeed , as he walks away) . He doesn't choose a side... My little ladies man. Just think if he chose a side? That would not go well !!
For the Hawk problem if you have the acreage a Great Pyrenees will help you out.  These livestock guardians will keep hawks, coyote, opossum, and other predators at bay.  They will also protect you and your livestock from falling leaves, wind blowing through the trees and will dig bunkers.  So before getting one read up on them to see if you really want one of these lovable giants to protect your lovable little puffballs.  (I have 3 and love them to death).
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