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Silkie Reviews

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Pros: does well in confined spaces

Cons: Prone to leg issues as chicks, prefers sleeping in the nesting boxes at night rather than roosting

I purchased my silkies from TSC over a year ago. Believe it or not, none have gone broody so far, they lay a good amount of eggs and they're not as low ranking in the flock like I thought they would be - pretty bossy chickens! I'm giving 3 stars because they didn't turn out as I expected. I feel like this review was meant for another breed, but nope! I will edit my review when I purchase from a breeder, I definitely want to give this breed another go.
Chickie Mama

Mixed Feelings


Pros: Broody, Hens are Docile, Look Interesting

Cons: Rooster is Aggressive

I like my Silkies. The hens are sweet and they are very broody. My rooster is VERY aggressive- despite being hand raised. He attacks me, my husband, and he used to attack my sweet 80lbs dog. Based on my experience, I would not recommend a Silkie rooster for a family with young children.  That being said, he is very good at his job. He keeps an eye on his free ranging flock and runs to their aid if he hears one in distress.

Not for free ranging, good for cute pets!


Pros: friendly, soft, small, colorful, interesting

Cons: Can broody to death, cannot see up, can get very dirty!

They make good mothers but they can be so good that sometimes they can forget to eat or drink.... be careful!

Walking balls of fluff, ideal lawn gnomes and great personalities


Pros: Fluffy birds, fun personalities, great brooders, sweet roosters

Cons: Difficult to upkeep white birds, prone to mites

When I first got into poultry, I bought a bunch of silkie chicks from a hatchery. They were a delight to have. I currently own some show silkies, white. They have great personalities, each one is different. Some absolutely love to be held and coddled (they will search you out and bug you until you do), and I have had some roosters defend my from my aggressive leghorn and plymoth rock roosters.   They lay decent sized bantam eggs, and lay frequently...but they go broody so quickly that there isn't much egg production. On the bright side, they are great broody mothers (I use mine to hatch Japanese bantams and wyandottes. )    Since I show my silkies, I can say that it is...
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Nice birds


Pros: Gentle, sweet & friendly disposition; our hen was an excellent mother, our rooster was a sweetie who watched over hen & chicks

Cons: Very broody, lower on the pecking order our Silkie rooster was prone to Scaly Leg Mites because of his feathery feet.

I miss my sweet Silkie hen Izzy Lou.  She lived to be almost eight years old and raised many fine families for us.  Our Silkie rooster Tweety was very low on the pecking order, but it did not bother him, he was good at staying out of the way and the others did not harass him.  He lived to be seven years old also, and was an excellent protector of our hens and young birds.  I miss them both.

loveable, funny, individual personalities


Pros: small, loveable, entertaining, good broody.

Cons: small eggs, must supervise from predators.

 My silkies consist of "Sid Vicious" as we call him, he's now 8 months and will attack certain people and loves his three ladies, "Bertha, Spike,Lily". They mumble a lot under their breath. Its funny to watch Sid act like he's going to rip you to shreds. I pick him up and hug him and his dignity is hurt and he goes away.Very protective of his 3 girls. The girls started laying two months ago and one has the 4 chicks in my spare bedroom. They steal each others eggs too. Each has their own personality. Spike is just a chicken. Not freindly at all.  Sid crows quite often and loud but he also competes with my huge cochin rooster who just ignores Sid....all in all they get along...
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Sweet and Small


Pros: Small, sweet, quiet, fluffy, adorable

Cons: Shy, easily scared, hard to keep clean

My silkie is small, sweet and shy. She is a bit of a scaredy-cat, and dislikes chickens, straw, birds, and people except for me.

Very adorable, but weird


Pros: Very cute, pretty hardy, don't eat much, dedicated broodies, don't require any special care

Cons: incredibly small, very very shy, easily panicked

My silkie is really cute and adorably tiny, but she's also easily panicked. I'd recommend getting multiple silkies, and not just one, so they can fit in with birds their size. I don't really want any more birds like her, she is usually freaking out about some random thing, but she's a cutie.
cream puff

adorable, cranky, often mean tempered, excellent mothers


Pros: excellent broodies and mothers, cold hardy

Cons: hard to sell, small eggs, can be fragile, mean, tend to be bullies,

I like silkies, and the only reason I got the two I have is for their broodiness. I keep them separate from the bigger birds. I will always have two in a flock to brood and raise young of other breeds. If you hand raise them then they are very good pets. But if you leave them to nature they tend to be mean tempered, I had a silkie roo who was just plain mean to the girls and he had to go. He didn't find food for them he was rough and would whack the smallest, youngest female on the head to get the food she was eating. The key if you want a friendly silkie is raise it by hand. They don't lay every day, but if you feed them well they'll lay about 4 small eggs a week, even in winter.  ...
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