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Silkie Reviews

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Great pets, Good hatchers, so-so mothers


Pros: Extremely friendly and broody, gentle

Cons: No defensive instincts, terrible in wet climates, not alert to dangers

I like silkies but it is a myth that they are "The Most Broody Hens"  They are consistently broody but pathetic when it comes to raising chicks in anything but a secured environment.   If you want the most low-maintenance broody bantam, go with a cochin or better yet, an American Game Hen.  This way the chicks will grow up with a clue on how to forage and survive from threats.   They are perfect for little kids and folks that have a place to put a defenseless puffball   

Cute little living yard ornaments


Pros: Attractive, docile, great broodies if you don't want to deal with bators.

Cons: Not friendly lap chickens, hawk magnets, will stay broody for over 3 mos

We've bred and raised 16 Silkies over the past 2 years, handled them daily, but none of them got particularly friendly. They are so docile, though; they will meekly submit to being handled. I have bathed and blow dried hens and roos without any fuss. The broodies won't get upset or peck when I check out the eggs or chicks under them. All of my girls started laying eggs after 7 mos.of age and would go broody for the 1st time by 9 mos. If I didn't let them keep the eggs, they would stay broody for over 3 mos! I do use them to hatch eggs from other breeds. My moms would go broody again within 3 weeks after they stopped raising their chicks. My oldest roo would actually give the moms a break...
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Lovely birds that I will love to the end of my days


Pros: Plumy feathers, beautiful, cute sounds, loving/sweet

Cons: Feathered feet get wet/dirty way too much, lay little eggs, get dirty, not the brightest birds

I love my silkies to death, just love, love, LOVE them so much! They make the sweetest sounds, and let themselves be picked up. Don't eat too much feed. But they get picked on by my Rhode Island Whites, and the rooster(a silky) ditched them for my RIWs. I have to wipe mud, and snow from the feet if they get clogged in there. The silkies aren't too smart, and often get entangled in things. More than once Ive had to cut them out of string or wire that I didn't even know was in the pen. Over all, my silkies are the best birds, and I love them so much! They are great birds for beginners and experienced poultry raisers!

fun pets


Pros: sweet, easily tamed, super cute, great for children, friendly

Cons: Not for egg production, and eggs are small sized. Not too bright!

I have a small flock of 4 adult hens and just bought another 12 chicks. These guys are NOT great production birds... they are ornamental and fancy... I have black, white, partridge, and buff adults. Show quality of the standard colors are around 7 bucks for breeder quality chicks. I recently bought some of the fancy colors, Porcelains ran about 15 a chick... and for self blue (gasp) $30... I only have one of them, and she appears smaller than my others and not quiet as bright eyed and active as the others... the last blue I hatched myself failed to thrive, and I'm not sure if this is just that they need more development as a color type or just bad luck on my part...   Silkies...
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Beautiful Bird


Pros: Beautiful and soft

Cons: A bit dim

I have a Partrige Silkie named Shea, and she has the most beautiful and soft feathers that feel softer then silk, and I absolutely love her 5th toes! But because she is a bit strange looking, the others often pick on her.    Every morning when I let the chickens out into the yard, she paces back and forth along the perimeter of the coop trying to find a way to get out to be with the others. While she dose this, the door is literally a foot away from her, and she wails loudly as if I locked her in the coop! We also have a concrete walkway that raised above the grass, and the chickens walk across it regularly to get to the other side of the yard, and Shea will always trip over...
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Pros: Calm and unagressive

Cons: Timid but I adopted mine as adults so that may not have been the case if I'd gotten them as chicks.

I adopted 2 silkie rooster from the sale barn as adults.  One is fully white and the other is fully black.  They are sweet and timid.  They let my hens run the show.

Amusing and Sweet


Pros: Very calm when you hold them, which is great if you want to have younger kids handling them.

Cons: Really dumb, can't see well and incredibly stupid...Did I mention they are complete idiots?

First of all, I only got the silkies because they were free to me, and I want to eventually be able to use them to hatch out my other chicks.  I never expected to be so enamored with them!  What sweeties they are.  They don't see well, and because of that, if they are with other chickens they don't normally get the treats unless you hand feed them (but you have to pick them up so they have TIME to figure out you are even giving them a treat before someone tries to snag it.     They really are a fun little novelty to have in the coop.  Visitors always oooh and ahhh about them and want to hold them-which is fine because they are so STINKING SWEET AND FLUFFY! ...
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Poultry parent

they are so funny!


Pros: they are very good at being held! and despite being tiny in comparison to your big chickens a silkie roo will act giant

Cons: they are fast, their feet need to be washed every once in a while

we got a silkie hen and named her lola, 5 months later when lola grew spurs and started crowing we changed his name to ricky. we have 2 buff orpingtons and they tower above him but he still acts like he is the boss, he is a good rooster that has shown almost no aggression towards me besides skwaking when i pick up one of HIS hens, he is very good at being held, they are very fast though. he crows like he's being strangled.

Beautiful and Docile


Pros: Beautiful, Quiet, Friendly

Cons: Extremely Broody and hard to break

My partridge silkie didn't lay till she was almost 9 months old. I was thinking maybe my she is a he. She lays good, small brown eggs. But when she goes broody she is extremely hard to break and just wants to hatch some babies. She isn't to noisy and I really only ever here her when she sings her egg song and her growls when she is broody. 

Friendly once you handle them often do not get broody till about a year or2 old


Pros: Talktive, fluffy, good egg layer, can be friendly, good sitter, great for all wheather

Cons: cocks can be aggressive, like stay out in the rain, crowing is quite lound

I have 2 golden silkies 1s a hen and the other one is a cock. At the moment we are keeping them with our hybrids. Great for people that have had chickens before because they are difficult to catch and being so broodie can make them a bit grumpy. Payed 25 pounds each for them.
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