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Star Reviews

Positive Reviews


Wonderful 'starter' chicken and great for kids


Pros: usually easy to catch and pick up; tolerant of children; sex linked so you don't have to fret over whether she's a he

Cons: can be mean to younger chickens, if you introduce a new flock of chicks

I have a small flock, and I purchase my chickens from in small batches. I usually fret over whether or not my chicks are male or female, but with Red Stars, you do not have to worry...the males and females have differing feather colors upon hatching. I find the Red Stars to be friendly, easy to catch and pick up, and good layers. They are the perfect 'starter' chicken for a family with children. While I used to agree with the other reviews about them being rather homely looking, I have changed my opinon. I currently have four Red Stars and they are each uniquely beautiful. Some are more orange, some are more white, some are copper. The look so nice when the free...
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Negative Reviews


Everyday Chicken


Pros: Great Egg Layer

Cons: Shes Boring Looking, and doesnt get along well with humans

i like my star, but shes a boring chicken... her name is Princess Baked,

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A must for all chicken owners.


Pros: Friendly, very good layer, cold hardy, great foragers

Cons: None

Can't say enough good things about this breed. They aren't susceptible to frostbite (toes or comb). A bit bossy if allowed to become head of the flock, but always friendly and very good guards of the flock. Their laying habits and eggs are even better than Leghorns'. If let out early enough, they will forage most of their food, coming back in the evening with a full crop. They are very smart, not flighty, and one of the best all-around chickens there are.

Red Stars


Pros: Good layers, nice big eggs, rarely go broody, very friendly and sweet-tempered

Cons: Not the prettiest chicken

I've found Red Stars to be very good layers, and some of their eggs are enormous.  If you are looking for a chicken with a good personality, then I would recommend a star.  They are usually good 'people-chickens' and will try to get into your house to be with you!  However if you're after show chickens, stars are not the prettiest chickens around.  Also keep in mind that sometimes (not often) they can be prone to bullying other hens.

Black and red stars


Pros: great egg production not skitish

Cons: LOVE to eat will eat ANYTHING not very pretty, red not black are pretty.

I have three black stars. They are probably the best egg layers you will get. Red stars are not the prettiest breed and not as good egg layers as black stars.

funny, friendly and consistently good layers


Pros: an egg a day almost without fail

Cons: none

These are great birds!  I am new to this and ordered a couple with my first day old chick order in spring 2012.  From the beginning the red girls were the friendliest.  They are easily handled and if we leave the door open they and our Delawares come in the house and are likely to hop up on the coffee table and ask for a snack.   They are inquisitive and fun to watch.  My two started laying at 19 and 20 weeks and now in early Dec.  I can count on an egg a day from each of them. I have only been disappointed twice. But they are still young,  My Delawares and Autralorps didn't start laying until week 29 so if the Red Star girls want a day off from...
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great layers!


Pros: great layers of nice large brown eggs, super friendly

Cons: very dominant

My red stars are some of my favorite chickens, I currently have 4 and they are by far my most friendly. Almost to friendly, they not only want some attention, they DEMAND it. Any outstretched arm or lap must be immediately occupied. Very reliable layers, always get 3-4 eggs from my 4 hens daily, rain or shine. They are the top of the pecking order and the undeniable queens of the coop, I was having some trouble with them getting a little over aggressive with my very docile brahmas but after the first year everyone knows there place and get along great. Definitely a chicken to have if you want tame hens.
Mtn Laurel

Have both Red and Black Stars


Pros: Consistent layers, great foragers

Cons: None yet.

I have one red star and two black stars. The red star is older by several months and is the "QUEEN" - all capital letters! She can be a bit aggressive with the black girls, especially over food. There is a significant difference in the sizes of the red and the black with the black girls being much larger even though they are younger.   My red gal has been a consistent layer since Day #1. She lays huge eggs and rarely takes a day off. I'd say she lay's at least 28-29 days out of the month. The black girls have only been laying about 2 months and their eggs are just now coming to full size. One particular girl is also laying very consistently and rarely takes a day off. The...
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productive but bossy


Pros: productive

Cons: bullies

I have 3 red stars with other breeds. They are bullies to the other breeds. I know there is a pecking order, but they take it a bit too far. They band together as one, and peck other hens away from water and food at times. They don't go as far to hurt or injure another bird, but the constant bossiness is annoying-it means I have to provide more roost space than they should normally need and provide additional water and food. The pros are that they are sweet to me, they love treats and are easily trained to come, and they truly do lay a large brown egg every single day, even when it was dark and cold. 

awesome girls


Pros: sweet, curious, fun to watch, pretty easy to tell apart

Cons: bullies to younger birds, can get bullied by meaner breeds

I got there of these girls by mistake but I love em. They aren't laying yet but so far they have been awesome birds! They are curious and sit on my lap when I'm out in the coop, easy to catch and hold as they don't figgit in your arms, and in small flocks they are pretty easy to tell apart (but you have to look at the small details) or band them! The down fall is only they are bullies to younger birds if you bring new chicks into the flock but they easily warm up to them! They can also get bullied mine get picked on by my NHRs but only on occasion. Over all they are great and I am definitely getting more in the future!
chick peeps

My best layer for sure!


Pros: Small, excelent laying, clever

Cons: kinda skidish

I love my Red Star! I have five chickens and four different breeds but my Red Star is definitely the best layer. She is very quiet and is very smart. Since she is small, it is easy to pick her up easily and when I do pick her up, she is very calm and quiet. She lets me look her over without protest.
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