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Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens: 3rd Edition

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Pros: Covers most everything you need to know about chicken raising

Cons: Not many pictures, lots of info to take in

I got this book for a present. It is a wonderful book!! Just a little... overwhelming I guess you could say. It has TONS of info and may make some newbies feel overwhelmed. But it covers most things you need to know. Also if you are wanting pictures of many things or step by step guide with pictures then this is not the book for you.


Pros: Packed with beginner information and a good reference guide

Cons: haven't found any cons

I bought this book when I was talking about getting chickens.  Didn't know a thing about them.  I read and read this book.  Went to a chicken auction a few months later and bought my first 4 girls.  I am proud of what I picked.  Silver Laced Wyandottes, big, healthy, friendly, dependable.  I love them.  This book is a must have especially for beginners.  Im using it now to hatch my own eggs.


Pros: Extremely informative & covers all the basics of chicken keeping!

Cons: None!

I love this book & recommend it to every single chicken keeper.It has been so helpful & covers so many aspects of chicken keeping.Please get this & read cover to cover! It will answer all the basic questions!


Pros: Everything you would need to know about raising chickens.

Cons: NONE whatsoever.

Gail Damerow is the chicken expert, she tells you everything you need to know about raising chickens like choosing a breed, building a coop, chicken behavior, incubating and hatching chicks, raising chicks, management, breeder flocks, healthcare, showing, butchering and SO MUCH MORE. This book is a must-have for people just starting to raise chickens and for people who just want to know more about their flock.


Pros: Contains a lot of information, Lots of detail, Easy to understand

Cons: No color pictures- some of the detail in images is lost due to this.

I had saw this book in the Tractor Supply store and went to the library to see if it was a good book. I was so impressed by it that I drove back right away to buy it.


It covers everything from how to build the coop, to artificial insemination, to small things like how eggs will keep longer if you do not remove the bloom, and several different ways to keep the spare eggs.


It is a large book, but not huge. Easy to understand and very comprehensive. I am getting answers to questions I would never have thought to ask.


Must have book!


Pros: very helpful

i bought this book last year and it is AMAZING!!!!!  I love it. it has everything you want to know. to hatching chickens to butchering them, their health, feed, and fencing. 


Pros: it show every thing u need to know

Cons: none!

this is the best book u can get. i have had chickens for years and i am still learning things from this book! i love this book!:love:love:love 


Pros: Easy to read

Cons: Not as detailed as expected.

After checking out the 3rd edition of Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry from the library, I was very excited to get this book. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. The book is very informative and covers most topics very well. However I think some areas could be a little more in depth. I especially wanted to learn how to vent sex a chick. There is only a quick blurb about it and the procedure is not discussed at all. Also the poultry book describes and has illustrations on how to caponize, again this book only has a quick blurb and does not describe the procedure at all. Over all I am very satisfied with the book and would purchase it again, and I would recommend it to others. I am going to buy the guide to raising poultry as well.


Pros: Informative and great reference book

Of the dozen or so books i have purchased on chickens, this is the only one I go back to over and over again! Very informational with lots of great references for further information as needed. Good for beginners or those more experienced.

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens: 3rd Edition

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens includes all the information farmers need — from choosing breeds and hatching chicks to building coops and keeping the birds healthy and safe from predators — to keep chickens or run an egg business.The 3rd edition, now with 188,000 copies in print contains new and expanded features:• "Fowl Disposition" — new chapter on training chickens and understanding their intelligence• Expanded coverage of hobby farming• Disease section now includes information on avian influenza and fowl first aidStorey's Guide to Raising Series is the essential animal husbandry information from the trusted source. With a combined total of 1.7 million copies in print.Praise for the book:"I didn't know how much I didn't know until I bought this book." - Keith, Bakersfield, CA

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