Pros: Tame, cuddly, adorable, sweet, feathered feet, good vision, head fluff doesn't bother their eyes, prissy, good in the cold, ETC

Cons: Not too good in muddy places and hot places, really stubborn at times.

Adorable breed! I have three, King Tut, King Alfred, and Cleopatra! All of them are beauties! :) Best chicken I've ever had. I don't care much about eggs  nor meat, I care about sweetness. Beautiful, white feathering, and a thick feather coat! They do wonderfully in the cold if they have shelter and they don't eat much. Super cuddly! I want almost every chicken I breed to have sultan in their genes!


Go sultans!


Pros: sooooo cute!

Cons: none yet

I have only had them 3 days and they are only 3 days old, but so far I just love them! Super friendly and cuddly. Very calm


We have several of these that we bought and we have more that we have raised. I love hatching them out then watching them grow to adulthood. They hatch well and do well in the area of Mississippi we live in. We keep a light on them in the winter. We spend a lot of time watching them interact with each other. Cheap entertainment.



Pros: very sweet, love people, excellent pets

Cons: feather maintenence, head fluff impairs vision, low egg #

I only have one of these, her name is Fraggle, and she is a very sweet little bird. With other chickens, she is towards the bottom of the pecking order and quite timid. However, she comes right up to people and pecks their shoes to be picked up and petted. Very personable little birds that make great pets, but the downside is that the egg amounts are low and the eggs are small. I also have to give her a bath more often because the white shows dirt; and she requires pretty frequent haircuts in order to see because of all the head fluff. Still, great little birds - and they run REALLY funny. Mine does this galloping thing. Always good for a laugh! :)






I have had these birds for over some 10 years and they are such gentle darlings. Origin Turkey and were bought into England in January1854 by Miss Elizabeth Watts of Hampstead.  They have never been numerous, but have a dedicated following.


Type: Body rather long and very deep, breast deep and prominent.  Back short and straight.  Wings large, long and carried low.  Tail long, broad and carried open. Sickles very long and fine. Hangers numerous, long and fine. Coverts abundant and lengthy.

Head: Head medium size, beak short and curved. Eye bright, comb very small, consisting of two spikes only, almost hidden by crest. Face covered with thick muffling. Nostrils horny and large, rising above the curved line of the beak. Crest large, globular and compact. Ear lobes small and round. Beard very full, joining with the whiskers. Wattes very small to be hardly perceptible.

Neck: Moderately short, slightly arched and carried well back.

Legs and feet: Thighs sort, furnished with heavy vulture hocks to cover the joints. Shanks Short and well covered inside and out with feathers. Toes, five in number and of moderate length, completely covered with feather.

Plumage: Long, very abundant and fairly soft. Snow-white throughout



Pros: Very attractive and interesting personalities

Cons: Tend to be timid.

The Sultans that I had were very nice birds, They were a little timid with the other breeds but were friendly with humans. I would definitly like to have more of them.


Pros: Sweet, love kisses, LOVES to be on laps, fuzzy, beautiful, SOOOOO DOCILE FROM DAY ONE AND ON, good with cold weather!

Cons: None!

I love my Sultan! Her name is Cleopatra and she's sooo pretty, sweet, loveable, and she loves kisses!:love I, personally, think she's pretty and I love the foot feathers. Nothing bad about this breed, that's for sure! It looks like a silkie with real feathers and white meat. I just can't think of anything bad!:cd They are also easy to tell from male and female by head puffs:D. I recommend this breed for ALL chicken lovers!:thumbsup 


Here is my beloved Cleopatra!:

chicks chicks chickies 013.jpg

She likes laps and doesn't really like to be held in the air.

chicks chicks chickies 014.jpg

I love her hairdo!

She's scared of the phone so it is hard to get a good picture of her, but she's sweet when I don't have a phone!


Pros: Stunningly beautiful, sweet natured, entertaining

Cons: Can be flighty, poor layers

My sultan flock are certainly stars of the yard. They play well with others but they can be flighty. 


Pros: funny, crazy, kind

I have a sultan rooster who is the funniest, craziest, most stupid and also aggressive chicken i have ever come across. i think he may have some kind of brain issue which is why he id very clumsy, crazy and so aggressive to people, but he is so loving and kind to his hens and looks after every one of them. we have also hatched 3 sultan chicks, 2 roos and 1 hen, who are also very kind and loving. would definitely request a sultan! 

Happy family :)My hilarious, but aggressive Sultan cockerel Chantecler ( Shanty)


I just bought 4 baby chicks at the feed store I was told they were all Silkies, however I think two of them are Sultans. They are growing very quickly and have long feathers already at only 4 weeks old. Also they do not have the black skin like the silkies. I think one is going to be a roo because he is getting a bright comb already and the other one is not. Does anyone know if I can breed them if they are related. I don't know for sure they are related but I bought them at the same time at the feed store so there is a great possibility. I just love how they are growing up so quickly.


Sultans are bred purely as an Ornamental Fowl. It is said that all Sultans can be traced back from one crate of birds, imported to England from Istanbul. Developed in Eastern Europe they became favorable in Turkey. These highly ornate white birds were a favorite of Turkish Royalty to keep in their gardens and were known as the "Sultans Fowl". They are one of the only chickens where their vaulted hocks are a signature of the breed.

Breed PurposeOrnamental
Climate ToleranceHeat
Egg ProductivityLow
Egg SizeSmall
Egg ColorWhite
Breed TemperamentFriendly,Easily handled,Bears confinement well,Quiet
Breed Colors/VarietiesColor for this breed is pure White, outside the US other colors like Blue are being developed.
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
APA/ABA ClassContinental
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Ornamental
Comb: V-Shaped
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: Heat

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Low
Egg Size: Small
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:

Friendly,Easily handled,Bears confinement well,Quiet

Breed Colors / Varieties:

Color for this breed is pure White, outside the US other colors like Blue are being developed.

Breed Details:

These beautiful white birds are adorned with a fluffy full Topknot, a muff and beard, vulture hocks, feathered legs and five toes. They are gentle, docile birds with sweet dispositions. They tend to be easily caught, which make them a good choice as pets for children. Care should be taken while free ranging these birds, as they are subject to predators. They are also somewhat delicate and may need some extra care to keep in cooler climates.