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Sumatra Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Friendly

Cons: they don't like being confined

I was given 5 chicks and ended up with 3 roos and possibly 2 hens.   I didn't spend a lot of time with the chicks, yet they are friendly and allow petting (when contained).  I don't think they're flighty as much as they are very much jungle fowl.  They like to roam and hunt for food, yet still come running when they know I have treats.  I've really enjoyed having them.  Once I narrow down the roo I want to keep I will be re homing the others.   I hope to raise a small flock.    They are territorial and make sure that the other chickens stay in their own fenced yards, though they have yet to hurt any of the other birds.  ...
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Negative Reviews


Beautiful but Challenging


Pros: Gorgeous in color (blacks and blues)

Cons: Hard to keep when space is small, even bantams; love to fly

I actually bought some bantam Blue Sumatras because they had the best blue color I've seen in any chicken breed.  I wanted to transfer their blue lacing to my d'Anvers - I have been breeding d'Anvers for 20 years or so.  My pens are presently set up for the docile d'Anvers and I was not prepared for what I was about to take on.  The Sumatras, and their half-breed offspring LOVE to fly.  They do not fly because they are afraid or startled.  They fly for the pure joy of flying.  Meaning, when I open their coops to take care of them, sometimes they all jump and blast past my face before I can react so they can fly up to the top of the house with ease (the house...
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More Reviews

Banana Hen

Beautiful, but flighty


Pros: Beautiful, can fly from predators, nice when tame

Cons: VERY flighty

These birds are born fliers. If not kept in a roofed pen, they will escape. Not all roosters are mean, but mine pecks particularly hard. They are unique in that the roosters have multiple spurs, but none are super sharp. These are some of the most beautiful birds in chickendom. (along with cochins ) They aren't the best layers, with small eggs that come about four times a week. I would not recommend to the novice.

Great birds and Gorgeous to boot!


Pros: Plumage, temperament, lovely to look at

Cons: none

I got 5 blue Sumatra chicks this past May and they have been wonderful. Out of my 15 chickens they were always the friendliest and now at 7 months old greet me everytime I go to the coop. They are wonderful birds that love attention and I even have two roosters that will jump in my lap to be pet. I disagree with them being flighty or aggressive towards other breeds. My sumatras get along well with my salmon faverolles and GLWs and love to be around people. My roosters are gentle and love their hens, all in all if they are hand-raised they are amazing birds!!

Awesome Birds!


Pros: Adaptable, Cold Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Good Layers

Cons: Agressive, Broody

I've raised Sumatras for several years. They are some of the most unique chickens I've raised. They are a lot of fun and very energetic birds. They can sometimes be aggressive especially toward new birds. The females were originally imported from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia for the purpose of crossing to other breeds to infuse aggressiveness for fighting birds. They are extremely adaptable and have no problems with the Michigan winters or the summers. (-20 to 100). They like free-range but if caged make sure they have room to run and roost.

after going to a show I bought a pair for breeding and they are just wonderful birds but watch out there feathers fall out easy.


Pros: beutiful,rare, sell for good money they have nice personalities over all nice bird.

Cons: feathers come out easy and cocks tail feathers can get stepped on and look ragedy.

Wonderful birds I got a pair for breeding and these birds are just wonderful. They look real nice if kept clean and the cocks have long sickle feathers. But hens in the breeding pen with the cocks can step on there sickle feathers and make them look ragedy. Also there feathers come out a little easier than most birds so dont try and grab them. Also when buying adult birds it will take some time for them to become tame for you because Sumatras are a little flighty.



Pros: Pretty, Brave, Sweet

Cons: Bad in cold weather

 I got a Sumatra rooster a few years ago. He was the most handsomest and bravest rooster ever. Once a hawk swooped down to get his hens and he fought off the hawk talon to talon until it flew away. He never tried to chase me and he was always gentle with the girls. He chased off the other rooster sometimes, but that's normal. They didn't get in any major bloody fights or anything. He died protecting his flock from the dogs that attacked and he did save his favorite hen.   I then purchased three Sumatra chicks. I had them in with the other chicks I bought and they didn't do as well. So I'd reccomend keeping them with bantams. I did that and the remaning chick grew until she...
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Hilarious Personalitys!


Pros: Friendly, Beautiful, Funny, Little Rebels

Cons: None so far!

I got my 3 Black Sumatra chicks a little more than a week ago and so far I love them! Their personalities can not be beat! They're little balls of energy and are hilarious to watch. Would defiantly recommend them!

Friendly, exotic birds


Pros: Beautiful, docile, personable, talkative, inquisitive, gentle, and good with other birds.

Cons: Poor layers.

Though 10 months have gone by and still no eggs, Bali is more than worth her weight in gold in spite of it. She is extremely friendly, constantly running to check up on you and have a quick 2-minute "chat " before zipping away to be with her flockmates.   That beetle-green shine is by far the prettiest of all the black chickens in our flock, being slightly more iridescent. Perhaps my favorite quality of hers is a soothing, soft voice that certainly isn't typical, and she's constantly charming us with it.   Despite Bali's small size, she isn't picked on in the least. From what I gather, she has enough spunk to intimidate girls much larger, while not being a bully...
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Sweet, trainable, and just beautiful!


Pros: Stunning, easy to train (ex; come when called), laying a good sized egg a day

Cons: Flighty, not cuddly

My personally owned hen, Kevin, (after the bird from 'Up'), was rescued from a bad situation, so perhaps that made her more flighty, but she is very shy about being held. She will come when called, and loves to follow and stay around people. She lays one egg a day in the same place. Very easy to handle! She comes in at night and is let out to free range the entire day. Very hardy little girl. Others don't mess with her, not even our English Mastiff! Her mother was very broody, but Kevin has never gone broody yet although she's still young (under two years). Hoping she'll become broody but her personality is very independent and may not be very motherly.   I love my chickens by...
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I love my Sumatra!


Pros: Hardy, good layer, beautiful.

Cons: Flighty.

In the beginning my Black Sumatra was very flighty and would run away at the first sight of me. She would also put up a fight whenever I needed to pick her up to move her. It took about 8 months for her to finally warm up to me. Now she loves neck rubs and will come to sit on my lap and anytime I ignore her she flies up onto my shoulder to grab my attention. Even the kids can pick her up without a problem. She is the leader of my flock but she is very gentle and fair, she is not aggressive at all with her flock mates not even the little guys. She is always first to treats and being the flock leader (and my favorite) she always gets just a little more. Anyone who comes over to visit...
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Very Stunning


Pros: Unique, Conserves food, Big eggs

Cons: Dislikes confinement, Hard to catch

I have a Sumatra named Raven I got from Meyer. I think they are cool birds and would defiantly get another. I did hear roosters can't be kept together though.
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