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Super Blue Egg Layer Reviews

Positive Reviews


Lots of potetial


Pros: a variety, not a breed

Cons: price

  I wrote a comment but now that my pullets are laying I'm writing a fuller review.  Initially I was intrigued by these birds but put off by the price.  At the time I believe it was around $21.00 for a day old pullet plus shipping, but the more I read I came to the conclusion it was something I could do myself at a fraction of the cost and perhaps do even better than the hatchery stock.     The formula is simply a blue egg layer bred to a production white layer.  The word super I am lead to believe refers to the number of eggs a hen will lay.  Many of the pullets and even cockerels are white with flecking because one parent is probably a...
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Negative Reviews


I purchased these as hatching eggs, they did hatch out yellow with patches of darker yellow and black spots, so cute. currently a week and a half old


Pros: Seem like calm chicks not very noisy as chicks go, Very cute babies

Cons: Very expensive eggs for such a horrible hatch rate. Only 4 out of 12 hatched. Would not purchase these again.

I will update the review when I get more info on this "Designer Breed" These were marked as the SBEL. When I asked MY Pet Chicken about these chickens not matching the picture or the description listed for the Chicks, they told me that they do not always use a picture of the accurate chick on their web sight. However the sight clearly says and I quote "Super Blue Egg Layer – These start out as yellow chicks and they grow into white hens with black flecks. They typically start laying at the early age of 24 weeks. These hens lay HUGE blue eggs, five to six times per week." Clearly the two chickens pictured below are not white. When I pointed this out to them they seemed to not be able to...
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Pretty but flighty


Pros: Egg color (yet to start laying for me)

Cons: Flighty and aggresive

I hatched one of these out from My Pet Chicken. She is now 8 weeks old. No muffs like the pullet appears to have in the picture on their website. She is really aggressive toward my other chickens and really skittish of humans. A very pretty bird, however, all white with a black speck here and there. I'm anxious to see those blue eggs! I'm hoping to keep her but not if she's going to peck my Silkies to death.   UPDATE: My SBEL is definitely a rooster. He is aggressive and flightly as all get out. Crows at all moments of the day. Would I hatch these out again? No. I have Orpington roos more docile. 
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