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Welsummer Reviews

Positive Reviews


My favorites! Smartest, toughest, and most personable.


Pros: Beautiful birds and eggs, hardy, good foragers, good producers of lovely speckled or dark brown eggs

Cons: Can't think of any.

I spent months researching what breed I wanted when I decided to get chickens about 4 years ago.  I settled on the Welsummer for their reputaion as a great back-yard all-purpose bird, which is what they were designed to be.  I also liked the idea of a dark brown or speckled egg.  When I read Will's descrription of them on teh Whitmore Farm website ( as his friendliest breed, who laid his customers' favorite eggs, I was sold.  I drove down to his farm in western Maryland and brought home five of his babies, and enjoyed a wonderful tour of his gorgeous, well-managed operation.  My girls started laying at four months (!) and one of them...
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very friendly and good layer


Pros: 5-6 eggs a week, VERY friendly (follows me around the yard) pretty

Cons: haven't found any yet

I love my welsummer hen stella. she was my first chicken and she is the best. she lays well, and she is soo freindly. (probably because she was raised by a class of kindergardeners) she forages well, and i had her free range all summer and she didnt need any feed although i did give her seeds and such every once in a while because she was eating things on my property all day. she is also a survivor. she was sharing the coop with four pullets when one night a raccoon dug under the wire. all four pullets were eaten, but stella, the survivor-survived. she also survived 3 nights in the deep woods of connecticut surrounded by a group of foxes. she his in a tree and we finally found her after...
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A great bird that has been through a lot


Pros: friendly, outgoing, cute, great egg layer, beautiful eggs

Cons: picked on by other hens

My welsummer, named Pickles, was born with a crooked tail, but this did not stop her from being a friendly, outgoing chicken. She is my favorite chicken in my flock of 6. Also, a little over a year ago, she was attacked by a raccoon at night. If my poodle hadn't woken us up in the middle of the night, then she surely would have been killed by the raccoon. The morning after she was attacked, I did not think she was going to make it. With about 3 weeks of quarantine, treatment, and TLC, she was able to survive. In the attack she lost one of her eyes. It took a while for her to get used to only having one eye, and I had to slowly reintroduce her into the flock. She was picked on a lot at...
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Negative Reviews


Standoffish, but pretty eggs


Pros: Pretty eggs, decent layer, lovely bird

Cons: Standoffish, didn't tame well

I cared for a flock of chickens (varied breeds) at my last job, and the welsummer and I had a longstanding feud. Despite all attempts to socialize or bribe her, no matter how much time or how many treats, she did NOT like people and was always the last to be put away because while the others usually cooperated and went into the run when I started rounding them up, miss Poorwinter (yes, we're extremely original) was just as contrary as her name and would run off every which direction, screaming bloody murder and acting generally like an idiot. Her eggs were a pretty medium brown with speckles (they were no where near chocolate, not even at POL, and she was not from hatchery stock), and in...
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Not good for suburban neighborhood flocks


Pros: Pretty, prolific egg layers

Cons: Loud and mean, not good for small backyards

I had two welsummers I have just rehomed to a farm.  I live on a third of an acre and am allowed 6 hens in my backyard.  The two welsummers I had were always complaining and squawking. Compared to my other breeds - barred rock, cochin, buff brahma, and easter egger, they were by far the loudest. They were also at the top of the pecking order and regularly pulled feathers out of the other hens' backsides.  They might be a good free range bird, but they seem to get bored and mean if kept in smaller quarters.  They also did not lay darker terra cotta colored eggs like I was hoping.  They laid pinkish eggs with darker terra cotta colored spots, but they did...
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Beautiful chickens, great layers of gorgeus eggs. Hens can be ornery and roosters aggressive


Pros: Hearty, healthy and beautiful chickens. Good layers: consistent, pretty brown speckled eggs

Cons: Can be mean to other chickens, ornery when on nest. Roosters aggressive/mean.

I have had several Welsummers over the last 3 years. We free range our chickens. Welsummers are most likely to be taken by predators. They are beautiful and blend in with surroundings, but get too involved in foraging and predator can over take them. They lay beautiful eggs on a regular basis. Hens are ornery to other chickens and people if bothered on the nest. Roosters are aggressive and one rooster I tried to keep was a gorgeous guy, but got very mean and even attacked me with spurs when I was feeding-not provoked. Needless to say, he didn't last long. I will not have another Welsummer rooster and will be cycling out my hens eventually to another breed. They are all weather tolerant. I...
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More Reviews


Sweet natured and quiet


Pros: Friendly, beautiful, good layers, easy going

Cons: None

Granted my Wellies are one week old to 9 weeks old, but so far, they're all very personable and easy going. The rooster has been a delight to keep. He's quiet and runs the place well without being in the least mean. He puts down insurrections from our younger roosters without so much as a noise--let alone any real fighting or damage. He's also growing up gorgeous, which can't hurt his chances of being kept around  The older hen is also very sweet and neither the top of the food chain nor at the bottom. She is particularly inquisitive, and he is particularly laid back. They don't necessarily like being picked up but can be easily handled (seem more confused by it than anything)....
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Beautiful and Friendly


Pros: Personality, amazing eggs, constistent layer, gorgeous

Cons: None

If you scroll down, you'll see that below the line is my original review of Eula, my Welsummer. But I have to edit it! She has really come into her own over the past year and she deserves a rewrite....   Eula is now 16 months old. And she's simply the BEST girl of my flock of 9!   While she was maturing, she screamed for attention. A LOT. But that stopped once she really embraced her status as top hen. She's not a bully any more either. Maybe she was only establishing her place in the order, I don't know. But all the qualities that were "cons" before have virtually vanished. She's a A+ now. It just took a little while.   She's the top hen, but she's not mean or...
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M-I Chicken

Very calm and sweet


Pros: Calm, pretty yellow legs & feet, likes to be held

She is very calm and is neither on top of the pecking order or on the bottom.  She likes to forage yet seems content in the run. As a chick, all she wanted was to be held- she would fly over the brooder wall, land on my lap and sleep.  Now a  young pullet, she doesn't mind being held, but no longer seeks me out.  I look forward to her dark brown eggs. Good experience thus far. 

A beautiful Breed.


Pros: Beautiful, Big eggs, Great foragers, Old breed, Not very broody.

Cons: Bad layers, Rare where I live, Mean to other birds.

I breed Welsummers and these birds would be great for any one.

Smart, lovely birds!


Pros: Very smart, great layers, beautiful choclate browne eggs!

Cons: None that I can think of.

I have 4 welsummer hens, they were my first to lay, and haven't stopped! They are very smart, the first to use the perch, the first to figure out changes to waterers and feeders. They free range well, but always lay in the coop, so I never have to search for eggs. They lay beautiful, chocolate brown eggs. I often am required to keep them in coop and open topped runs, and have never had one get out when I don't want her to, though she makes it clear she could, if she was so inclined by standing on top of the gate, but never flying over. Over all they have been great ladies!

Good egg color-aloof


Pros: good egg color, super smart, pretty, calm

Cons: flighty, timid, doesn't like to be handled

My review is pretty much like many others.  This egg color is amazing.  My hens are timid with humans and at the bottom of the pecking order; they get picked on.  They are flighty and too smart so can get into places they shouldn't be in. LOL. But they are not troublemakers and they are calm and quieter than my Delaware or Astralorp

Got my girls in March 2014


Pros: Unsure but first eggs at 20 weeks

Cons: They started out to be the most anti-social chickens in the world!

Although my girls started out anti-social and would not allow me near them even if I had treats...I can now say since they are starting to mature and attempting to lay girls are now becoming hand tame...They squat down and spread their wings a little (makes me think of them breeding) and now let me pet them.  One hen is very vocal since the rooster was killed.  She watches out and allows certain feral cats to lay beside their pen area and 2 other feral cats get near, it sounds like WW3 breaking loose.  She stands her ground until I go and chase off the "bad" cats...then she calms down.  I really like my girls now more than I originally had.  But my...
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Good layer when not broody, friendly, not flighty, not aggressive.


Pros: Lovely dark brown eggs, good forager

Cons: ok layer, goes broody

Love our Wellsummer Penny. She's about in the middle of the scale for friendliness: will eat out of my hand but does not like being picked up. Not aggressive with other hens, nor is she picked on. She goes broody once a year, and this year we slipped some fertile eggs under her. She's a great forager too, and eats all my slugs and snails. Good looking bird, but the best part are her lovely dark brown eggs!



Pros: great freerangers and feed conversion

Cons: none

Hands down my favorite of our breeds.  I've heard of sometimes getting a nasty natured roo, but in the 4 years we've had them- not a one!  Hens are good sized and very thrifty with their feed.  Great consistant egg color and eggs.  I can't say about hatchery birds, but from the lines I've got these are fantastic!  If I had to only have one breed it'd be wellies.

Calm, quite, productive, and hardy


Pros: Dark eggs, robust bird, good forager, quiet, non-agressive

Cons: hens seem to look for more of a secluded nest...may lay in the weeds

My Welsummers have been a great addition to the flock. We were trying to add darker egg color to the flock, so we kept a rooster for breeding. He is the most docile rooster we have ever had. He's quiet, and is a gentle breeder, doing the job without a lot of fuss or roughness. Hens are calm and quiet but avoid human contact.   The hens are productive, coming into production at around 20 weeks, like most of the heavies we have raised. They free range well, actively foraging through the brush and fields, with their neutral colors giving them a natural camouflage. They don't spend much time at the feeder. The hens do seem to seek out privacy for nesting, but for the most part they...
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