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The Romancer

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Pros: Very Friendly, Hardy, The Roo's are very polite and protective.

Cons: Roo's can be aggressive.

I did no research on Welsummer's before getting mine and I would just like to say that I am thoroughly satisfied with my Welsummer's. I ended up with 2 hen's and 1 roo. My hen's lay at least one egg daily and are open to the thought of experimenting with brooding, they are doing their own experiment with laying on eggs. My Roo, which we named Red, is the most polite roo I have ever encountered before. I have never seen a Roo to be so lax and gentlemen-like. He is rather gentle when it comes to mating, very protective when it comes to other males who try to mate hens of his flock, very docile to other hen's and roo's when introducing them to the flock, I have even seen him defuse a fight that a Delaware roo tried to start with him! Red let's the ladies have first choice when it comes to feeding and treat time. On the down side he has challenged me more than once and I had to put him in his place. After I got over letting him think I was afraid of he, he has simmered down and I think we have a mutual respect for each other now.

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BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Welsummer › Reviews › Kershylyn's Review