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White Faced Black Spanish


Pros: Fun to look at!

Cons: Flighty.

These guys are very active, little chickens. We have the standard variety, one rooster and one hen. They seem to always want to be out of the coop, free ranging. When cooped up they spend a lot of time pacing the fence line, wanting out. They are hard to catch when out but once caught, they are very calm. Our children love them. They're flashy with their black bodies and white faces.


Pros: Good layers of white eggs, neat to look at, good foragers but also handle confinement well

Cons: Can be flighty and prone to frostbite with large combs

Really cool looking birds! Hard to find novelty. Excellent layers. Can fly reasonably well with their light build. The large combs some get can flop over and obstruct vision, or can be prone to frostbite depending on coop ventilation. Not an issue on strains with a smaller single comb.


It takes some time for the white faces to mature, you can spot a young bird that is less than a year old by the amount of white, since that doesn't come until later, after one year of age. They will have more white than other chickens, but it doesn't pop up over night. At laying age they still look reasonably "normal".


Good foragers that also handle confinement well.


Pros: Lay good eggs, once they're caught they're easy to handle, Beautiful, pretty friendly

Cons: Hard to catch

We have a hen and roo and a couple of their chicks. The roo is currently the friendliest roo we've ever had. He's great at finding treats for his girls and warning them of danger. He's also been great to our new roos that we've ended up with. The hen is pretty great too. She very easy to handle once she's been caught, and is hilarious to watch. Their chicks, which are most likely all guys, so far they are just like their parents, except their faces are whiter way earlier than their parents.


One of their chicks- at 2 months his faces is kind of pink.


Pros: Beautiful, friendly with other breeds, smart, quiet

Cons: Flighty, doesn't like to be handled

We only have one of these hens, but this particular hen has been a joy to have.  She's beautiful, of course, but also gets along well with the rest of the flock.  We haven't had any problems with bullying other birds.  In fact, she protects and looks out for her best friend- a big ol' Brahma.  They can be seen everywhere together.


She is independent and is very hard to catch.  She doesn't like to be handled and if she sees me coming for her, is just about impossible.  She is very smart and doesn't let other birds boss her around.  We are thinking of getting a roo of this breed one day to help with endangered status of this breed.


Pros: Very Alert Active birds, pretty to look at

Cons: Bully the other birds including other WFBS, skittish and peckish until the meaties stepped in lol


Pros: Beautiful sleek feathers, active, friendly

I have one White Faced Black Spanish in my mixed flock and she has turned out to be a real sweety. She's naturally really friendly and is the first to greet me in the morning and peck around my feet until I pick her up (supremely easy to catch, it's not even an egg squat.). It must come naturally because I didn't really pay special attention to her and handle her a lot as a chick. She loves to hop up and sit on my lap for a few minutes of petting. The feathers are beautiful. Very, very soft and smooth. She likes to scuffle with the rooster and hop up and kick at him. Spunky! One of my favorite hens!


Pros: beautiful, good parents, very little trouble

Cons: VERY SHY!!!!! flighty!

We have a beautiful, 4yr. old bantam Roo, Mr. Blackie LongFeathers (my young grandson named him) that is the best rooster I've ever had.  There is not a mean bone in his body and he takes really good care of his flock!  He is also a very good father, he will actually help the hen find food for the chick.

I find that the hens are skittish and more than shy.  They hide themselves in the top of trees when they are frightened and won't come down for quite a while. They are consistent layers of white eggs and make good mothers.  These birds do fly, esp. the bantams, so make sure you either fence them from top to bottom (they do handle confinement) or let them free range.  They are very cautious and it takes a extremely sneaky predator to get the drop on them.

White Faced Black Spanish

The White Faced Black Spanish is one of the oldest Mediterranean breeds developed in Spain (said to date back to the mid-1500's). It is also known as the Clown-face Chicken because of the pancake-makeup-white coloring on the skin of the face and the large bright-white earlobes that hang down, giving an appearance of a clown's face. Set against the pure black plumage and the bright red wattles and comb, the Clown-faced Chicken surely does look like it's wearing clown makeup colors! The full-sized, antique version was admitted to APA in 1874. The Bantams version was recognized by the ABA in _____.

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceHeat
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeSmall
Egg ColorWhite
Breed TemperamentFriendly,Easily handled,Bears confinement well
Breed Colors/VarietiesThe White Faced Black Spanish chicken is available in both Bantam and Standard sizes. The only accepted color is the pure black with white faces and earlobes and bright, red comb & wattles. The shiny black plumage should have a green sheen and the shanks are dark gray.
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Egg Layer
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: Heat

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: High
Egg Size: Small
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:

Friendly,Easily handled,Bears confinement well

Breed Colors / Varieties:

The White Faced Black Spanish chicken is available in both Bantam and Standard sizes. The only accepted color is the pure black with white faces and earlobes and bright, red comb & wattles. The shiny black plumage should have a green sheen and the shanks are dark gray.

Breed Details:

Both the bantam and standard sizes are a light breed of high egg production. Bantam size males weigh 30 ounces and females weigh 26oz (as compared to their larger antique cousins who weigh 6.5-8lbs for males and 5.5-6.5lbs for females). Clown-Faced Bantams are described as "very rare" in the USA and they are a challenge to breed in producing the correct, desired white areas on the face. The opaque, white face will get deeper and richer with age, taking up to a full year to develop. The chicks are not born with a white face, however they have white feathering on their faces, black body feathers with white wing tips and white throat with possibly white under the belly. As for temperment? We have found we love them right from hatching!! They are tiny, curious, friendly and active. We especially love the warbling/purring sounds they make even when mature! When we whistle tunes to the chicks and juveniles they just love to sing a response back, cocking their heads and watching us whistle. We find the cockerels and roosters to be tame, as well as the pullets and hens to be very calm. Because we don't free-range our purebred WFBSpanish bantams--- they have proven to be QUITE QUICK when accidentally on the loose....chicken rodeo for sure....they run and fly fast! Regretfully we have seen some describe these chickens as "wild" but that has not been our experience. Maybe because we have treated them with gentle handling since the day they hatched...we have to agree we find them just as fast moving as any other mediterranean breed. Our breeding experiences: We've found a good success rate in breeding for faces and helped to start with quality stock and therefore not have to implement to much correction. Our goal is enhancement, and we do have to cull just as with any other breed program. They will always have a space at our farm because they love to sing (warbling the chicken lullaby at roosting time)...and they are tame, friendly and very unique. People will always ask ; "Wow, what kind of chicken is that?" If we could just teach them all to pile into one of those little toy cars, then exiting the vehicle as an endless stream of clown chickens on parade! -Patch O'Heaven Farm


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