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White Plymouth Rock


Pros: likes attention, lets me hand feed, lets me pick him up

Cons: Loud crower

I just found this young rooster in a field above my farm by a highway. He came right to me, ate cookies from my hand, and let me pick him up without too much fuss. So far in the few hours Ive had him he is a friendly rooster. I thought I would catch him and give him to my friend who loves to take my roosters but I think I have changed my mind :). He would make a great rooster at my other chicken house that was empty. After a quarantine time I will find him a few girls? This breed of rooster does have a loud crow. Wouldn't make a good roo if you have cranky people that live near you. On a farm, crow away big boy! D.gif


Pros: Huge, hardy, feed thrifty, good foraging, excellent & long layer, good mothering instincts, broody but not too much, beautiful addition to any flock.

Cons: None whatsoever.

There really are not enough good words to describe this breed.  Everything that anyone could want in a chicken breed, these birds have it.  Hardy and healthy, longevity, broody but not excessive, excellent laying, cold and heat tolerant, calm, good mothering, quirky and independent personalities.  Feed thrifty and very meat heavy, great foraging skills and great survivor skills.  This breed can take poor management and still come out swinging....excellent bird all around. 


Pros: Very sweet, tame, and loves attention!

Cons: none whatsoever.

I love my white rock chicken Ellie. She is the worlds sweetest chicken and loves attention! She gets along great with the other chickens. I didn't know white Plymouth rocks could be so gentle and tame. Her beautiful white feathers really make her stand out in our flock. If you are getting a flock of chickens I definitely recommend the white rock! They make a great pet chicken and have great egg production! Ellie has been a great addition to our flock!


Pros: Are good egg layers, smart, and are friendly

Cons: Their feathers can get dirty easily

We have 2 white rocks that are about 8 months old. Mine do best outside, because they will take dust baths and come inside the coop with their feathers looking brand new and clean. They are very cold hardy, and mine lay eggs into the winter without a heat lamp. They are not too mean to the other chickens, and get along well. They are also very smart, like they are the first ones to get the scratch out of my hand when it is up high. I would certainly recommend them and they are a nice variety to our flock of 16.

.December 2013 pictures 049.JPG


Pros: Sweet, Curious, Loving and good layers

Cons: None

My White Rocks are just precious!  They are under my feet with each step, happy to be held and so very curious.  They make cute little chatter to me and hop on my lap when I sit down.  I've had no problems with them being mean to the other chickens but are not flighty or fearful either.  It is a bit like having curious kittens around as I am constantly having to remove them from whatever I am trying to do whether cleaning stalls or getting treats...they are there jumping up on top of and getting into everything.  What a wonderful breed!


Pros: hardy,good egg layer

Cons: egg size

These chickens (6) were bought as my girls 4h project. Couldn't be happier. The thing that surprises my wife and I as
well as people that have seen them is how clean they stay. When it rains the head outside for a bath. If it's dry they
roll around in the dry dirt, flap their wings and their all clean! Nice white soft feathers. We may go with W/R chicks next
year also
. The only negative thing I can say is for a large chicken we haven't seen big eggs. Maybe egg size will increase
but to be honest the eggs are a nice size. Just not jumbo.


Pros: Best dual purpose ever

Cons: Don't lay as well in winter as the barred

I am looking for people in the know to add information to my upcoming book about chiekcn breeds.  Check out the section on the White Rock on the blog


"Creating the White Rock chicken— and washing off the blood to make it white again!"




Pros: Great layers, friendly

Cons: Makes a mess free ranging

White rocks are one of my favorite breeds. The kids can carry these girls around. My white Rock would sit in my lap too. I've also heard you can teach these chickens tricks, I never did but read it somewhere. I should order more someday.White Rocks with Red star


Pros: Nice eggs, good free rangers, pretty.

Cons: None.

        I have one White Rock pullet that was supposed to be a silkie. Myrtle makes a sweet whistling sound none of my other chickens make. She was flighty in youth. After I healed her bite from a dog, she liked people. The dog killed most of my flock. She has been afraid of four-legged furries ever since. She is friendly towards the other chickens. She was the first girl to lay eggs at four and a half months old. She is a very sweet girl. White Rocks would be great for beginners, or people who want to see the classic white hen scratching around in the yard.


Pros: Beautiful, white birds. Stately and attentive.

Cons: Rooster I have is mean; he is huge and will attack every time you're in his area. Hen is not a good layer. Lays 1 or 2 eggs a week.

I like Plymouth Rocks.  The whites I got are just not what I had hoped.


I was raised around White Leghorns, and so it is still hard for me to adjust to a brown egg out of a pure white chicken.


The eggs are good sized, but the chickens are good sized too, so I would anticipate the eggs would be large.


The rooster has real attitude issues.  He is beautiful but quite aggressive.  The hen lays maybe two eggs a week.  I would expect 4-5 since my Silver Pencil Rocks lay this many.


Overall, mine are very pretty birds.  But the problems don't impress me.  Maybe by next year, I'll have chicks out of them, and then I will have a different attitude.

White Plymouth Rock

White Plymouth Rocks are a fairly easy-to-find breed of chicken. They have yellow neck/head as chicks, but then "turn" white when they feather as adolescent / adults. White Plymouth Rocks are friendly and inquisitive, and like to be hand feed as well as picked up. They are good layers, and their eggs are light/med brown colored. They make a great pet chicken as well as layer.

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeMedium
Egg Colorbrown
Breed TemperamentFriendly
Breed Colors/Varietieswhite
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose:



Climate Tolerance:

Very hardy in cold temps

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity:

6-7 per week
Egg Size:

Egg Color:


Breed Temperament:



Breed Colors / Varieties:





Breed Details:






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