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Wyandotte Reviews

Positive Reviews

little feather

Wonderful Wyandottes


Pros: Small comb for extreme cold climate tolerance, great layers, good mothers, gentle, colorful, good dual purpose

Cons: None!

Wyandottes come in an amazing variety of colors, the Silver Laced and Blue Laced Red  being my favorite colors. These wonderfully sweet tempered, dual purpose birds, can be confined or raised to free range, they are adaptable, thrifty, predator savy, and their mellow laid back personality allows them to mingle in a mixed flock, and be a pet as well! Alot depends on how they are raised, the more contact you have with them the more social they are with you, my six, plus rooster all want to be in my lap! And you will always have the occasional biddy, in any breed, but for the most part these birds are outstanding birds! These are not the first Wyandottes, I have had, I...
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I have 4 Silver Laced


Pros: Beautiful and easy to keep

Cons: None so far

 We ordered 4 from McMurray Hatchery, along with 4 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Buff Rocks and we got two Roosters, one being the exotic.  Being raised together, we don't have any problems.  They are strong hearty birds, good layers and friendly. They free range during the day and put themselves into the coop at sundown where I lock them up from predators, we have foxes here in Utah.  They were afraid to walk on the snow at first and preferred our horse barn, but since it's their first winter, I expected hesitations.  Love them and would recommend them.

best rooster i ever owned!


Pros: beautiful bird, very friendly, often broody

Cons: cant think of a single con

we had a flock of about 30 wyandottes, such beautiful colors, many different patterns, cold hardy birds, our Rooster 'Sarge' was HUGE and he was such a good boy who protected his girls, extremely friendly and social

Negative Reviews


Mixed Emotions on my Blue Laced


Pros: Beautiful and big.

Cons: Skiddish, broody, loud

I had a lot higher hopes for my blue laced red... She was late to deliver eggs,  has already gone broody twice in two months since starting to lay.  She is obnoxiously loud all day, hates to be held, and is very skittish and can be very mean sometimes.   The only Pro is that she is nice and big and has very beautiful feathers. However, the beauty does not even come close to making up for attitude and the hassles with this one.   I have a Buff O and Golden Sex Link and they love to be held, will come up to you all day long, and are great layers.

Ok birds


Pros: pretty

Cons: noisy, not very friendly

I have two of these pullets, they aren't the friendliest birds.  They aren't mean either, they just don't want to be touched.  They are not the best 'pets.'  They were about a month later starting to lay than the other chicken we have. They bock, bock, b'gock a lot.  Noisy, yes, but the kids think it is funny and the neighbors don't complain.   I wish they were more friendly and wanted to be held or health checked more.  It is kind of a hassle to go out after dark to get one since I can't catch them when they're awake!  One has already gone broody and she's not 10 months old.  Kinda sucks, but what can you do?  I probably will pass on...
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Cackleberry Inn

Wyabdotte,... Hopefully


Pros: Very healthy, eating well and extremely active

Cons: Chicks looking weird.

Silver Lace Wyandotte, .... yeah right. Chicks are now three weeks old, and as they are feathering in, it appears that each one is completely different from the other. Color pattern is nothing like lace pattern is suppose to be and they are developing long tail feather. Wish I would have know that just because you order a breed from a hatchery, it's only a guess on what you'll get mailed to you. Live and learn, but better believe that I'll be more mindful of where I get my next chicks. On the plus side, chicks are very friendly and the little roo loves to be cuddled, but as a whole I can already see that they are "testy" with each other.

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Silver Laced Wyandotte


Pros: Beautiful, friendly, healthy, hearty chickens

Cons: Have seen no negative aspects to these chickens...I love them!

Wow, I am impressed at 4 months of age my Hen "Fly Girl" has laid an egg three out of 4 consecutive days, and she's out there clucking away as I type...I am so pleased with this breed! I have a flock of 10 hens and two roosters...they were incubator chicks and my two roosters have lived peacefully together no fighting, I guess cause they were raised together from birth...can't say enough about these chickens, glad I chose them...

Great all around chickens.


Pros: Good egg layer, bears confinement well, winter hardy, friendly.

Cons: Hard to find around here, especially different colours.

I bought Silver Laced Wyandotte fertilized eggs in the mail (from across the country) and hatched myself. They are good egg layers, bear confinement well, winter hardy, and friendly. They are great because they also can be found in several varities (colours) and even in Bantam size. These were my first breed. Still one of my favourites.

Probably the best all-round bantam chicken


Pros: Friendly, easy-care, fine layer of almost brown eggs, great mother

Cons: Not popular down south (don't know why)

     The Wyandotte bantams I've kept over the years have convinced me they're the most versatile chicken around. While not popular in the south except maybe for show purposes, the Wyandotte is a friendly, no-nonsense bird, a fine layer of almost brown eggs, and probably the world's best mother (except for maybe the games). If you want a hen that will set eggs for you ("go broody"), you can't beat a Wyandotte bantam.  They can be convinced not to set, however. They're also totally cute.

Great breed


Pros: They are beautiful, friendly, cold hardy, great layers, tend to be high on the pecking order...

Cons: There are none that i can think of...

I have one Silver Laced Wyandotte, her name is Lydia. She is beautiful, and she lays nice big eggs. One of my favorite moments with her was when she was a baby, she always climbed onto my head. They are cold-hardy, and nice. They are a great breed.

Pretty AND Useful!


Pros: Good layers, amazing feathers (Goldens especially)

Cons: Can be aggressive to humans/other chickens

Wyandottes are very beautiful birds, and pretty good layers. Our first Wyandotte was a golden laced hen named "David." (We thought she was a roo at first and the name stuck). While this probably had something to do with the fact that we hatched her and raised her by herself, she became aggressive to us right about when she started laying eggs. We considered rehoming her, but didn't in the end because she was killed by a bear before we could. Now we have a GLW and a SLW, bought as 8 wk. olds a few days ago, and they are great. The golden (named Shawn [no, she isn't a roo, I just wanted to name something Shawn and my roo is already named...]) is less friendly than the silver (Betty) but...
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Brilliant and Beautiful


Pros: Great layers, Beautiful colour, fantastic temperament

  We have two Gold laced and they are fantastic. Just on point of lay and providing at least one egg a day each. Have had to change laying boxes around a few times due to severe weather lately and they haven't stopped laying once. Great with our kids and lovely and plump. Highly recommended 



Pros: Good layer and meat birds, friendly, broody, good for 4-H

We breed and raise a variety of Wyandottes (large fowl and banam) in all colors. They are friendly, even tempered birds that are easy going and well tempered (even the roosters). Great for 4-H and shows. They do go broody, which has been great for our children to learn the process hens go through to have peeps. Ours are not hatchers. They are consistent layers and produce a nice large light to dark brown egg. I'd recommend them to anyone

Silver-Laced Wyandottes


Pros: Attractive, Weather Hardy, Good Layers, Docile

Cons: Predators' Favorite to Eat

We have had 8 Silver-Laced Wyandottes as part of our flock. These birds are very attractive, good at handling both hot and cold conditions, and pretty good layers! These were some of the birds we originally chose to make up our first flock (half Barred Rock and half Silver-Laced Wyandotte). They were/are great birds, but there is something peculiar I would like to mention in case anyone is considering "free-ranging" them. These birds are a prime selection for predators (mostly dogs)! Out of the 33 chickens we've owned in the past few years, we have lost 8 Silver-Laced Wyandottes to predators, and those 8 have been our only losses to predators. We had 7 Barred Rocks (same age,...
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Wyandottes are beautiful birds


Pros: Amazing feather color, feels like that have dense fur instead of feathers, very warm to hold

Cons: Skiiitsh and Still not laying eggs

I have had her since June and she is still not laying eggs, Her size is leaps and bounds above the other hens, yet she is still at the lower end of the pecking order. Guess she hasn't realized her size. I'm concerned about the lack of egg production. Anyone else have this issue?

Our Wyandotte is very aggressive toward the other girls


Pros: not aggressive with people

Cons: really really mean to the other chickens

I have four chickens, and they are still young- almost 3 months old now. I have one Silver-Laced Wyandotte that is the Beta girl in the flock. All the other girls get along well, but Silver always has to start something. She seems to continually pick on the other chickens, all except Ninja, the Alpha, a Black Australorp that for some reason is SO much bigger than the other girls (but very gentle and protective of them). She isn't aggressive with people at all, however, and eats out of our hands and comes when we call just like the others do. She isn't as friendly as our Blue Andalusian, who likes to sit on my shoulder, or our Americauna either, but I wouldn't say she's...
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