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Injured leg? In chick?!?

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One of my chicks has a hurt leg, she will walk on it, and perch with it but she lays down a lot of rests on her other leg if standing. I can't see anything wrong and she will push off with it. She hasn't been using it much for the past four days and she's been sleeping all she can but is eating and drinking.
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It could just be a sprain or strain.


Are there small cuts that could be infected?

Is it swollen or warm to the touch?

Could it be a tendon problem?

Is she showing any signs of paralysis?

Could it be a vitamin deficiency?

Is it a deformity?


I hope she gets better soon. Best of luck! :)

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I don't see any cuts! It's not warm or swollen. I don't think it's the tendon and she will move it out some weight on it and clutch my finger with it. I've given her 1 drop twice of nitri drench(i believe thats what it's called) and her legs look normal!

We were thinking it's a strain or something..
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Mine is swollen. It was injured in the chicken wire. How long in the splint, she's 2 days old?

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