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Hello GitaBooks!


Finally got some pics for you.  I decided getting another silkie right now is a bad idea, at least until I know what my two silkies are.  I love to get your opinion on what you think my silkies are, boy or girl?  Here's some info:


1.)Hatch date supposed to be 4/17 (that would make them 17 weeks).  I feel like they are small for that age though.  They were hatch mates, got then at same time from same pin and they were same size.  

2.)White one is 2x size of the Black one now.  Not just feathers, when they are wet the white one is huge compared to black one.

3.)Black one is much more docile, I don't have to chase it.  White one is flighty and is Ridiculously Fast, very athletic.

4.)White one has developed tail feathers and the black one has none, just a nice round fluffy rump. (See pics)

5.)White one will peck Black one on top of head if they think they are competing for food.

6.)White one is developing reddish feathers in its wings. 

7.)Black one has some little things coming off back of head but I'm not sure they are streamers, they look like downy feathers with some bands of quill still stuck to them.  And Black one has perfectly round puff ball on its head, White ones is much smaller and not as pretty.

8.)I don't see any waddles thus far.


Take a guess!  














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Very nice silkies! :)


I would guess the black one is a pullet and the white one is a rooster.


Just thought I would add, the white one may be a Show-girl mix. They are crossed with naked necks and so seem to be better at running. It may also cause the larger size, though roosters are much larger then hens.

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Just so I can better understand how to sex silkies.  


What are the reasons you think they white one is a roo?  Size?  Athleticism?  Presence of tail feathers or does that matter?


Do you think the black one has streamers or are those things something else?

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Different strains can be sexed easier then others. It usually comes to adding up all the clues together.

Here is a list of traits usually seen in a silkie rooster. Those that are bold are seen in yours:


Larger Size

Longer Legs

Streamers on the head and neck (the only one that doesn't seem to quite be there yet)

Longer, more curved tail feathers

A larger comb

Usually a more dominant and out-going personality, though they are all individuals

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I think you are totally right.  After you responded yesterday I went outside and took a very good look at him.  His Comb all the sudden 'plumped up' and I can see colorful waddles coming in.  I still don't see streamers and I am praying that those little things on the black one are not streamers, otherwise one will have to go.  I'm going to integrate these with my other flock and I already have a Rooster so I can't do more than 1 additional rooster based on my number of hens.  


Thanks for all the input.  Also, what do you think about the red feathers coming in?  Is this actually a Buff and not a White?




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Some white chickens just develop coloring on them. For a show quality bird this would be a disqualification, but I don't mind it on any of my birds.

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I have a 2 month old silkie hen, she has a large bump on the side of her chest that has been there for over a week. I'm a bit worried about it and am hoping someone has advise for me. I have attached some pics.:hu 

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Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that's the silkies crop. In the morning, when they haven't eaten all night, it shouldn't be full and you know its not a problem.


I hope this helps. :)

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Thanks for the reply! I will wait until the morning and see, but if it doesn't go down is there anything I could do to help it?:D I've done some research and it looks a lot like an impacted crop, but hopefully in the morning it will go:) 

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