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10 week old Blue Laced and Black AS Orpington Cockerels

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Blue Laced & Black Orpington Cockerels




Parent Line


Parent Line











Help please!  My ventures into starting a flock have been sad and challenging, so far.  I had 10 chicks shipped 2 mo. ago, and all but 3 arrived dead.  I was unsuccessful in saving the other 3.  I then purchased 10 chicks locally, and now have 7 cockerels and 3 pullets.  Not a good ratio.  Anyone in Oregon or Washington, please consider one of these boys as a flock tender, breeder or show bird.  They are 10 week old Blue & Black Laced American Standard Orpingtons. These are not hatchery birds that you would buy at a farm store.  I purchased them from a NPIP P/T, AI, MG and MS certified farm.  I have personally hand raised them all from 4 days old. They are friendly, docile and inquisitive birds.  As pets they can be trusted around small children, great for 4H show or for incorporation into a breeding program.   Two of the cockerels are very fine birds.  I would negotiate pricing on them, or if to be used for 4H they would be free.  The remaining birds are free to good homes.  I am located in Salem, OR.  Will consider delivery depending on distance.   I am including photos of the parent line too.  Thanks very much!

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Is there anywhere else on BYC that I can post this, so more Oregon and Washington members can view it?  Pressure is mounting to get them rehomed or end up in freezer camp.  I don't want to give up until all sources have run out.  When I first joined it seemed like there were groups for specific geographical areas, but maybe I'm imagining that?



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I agree that a place to post ads by state would be great. I've been looking for two roosters to have as pets and orpingtons have been at the top of the list and I would love to take two of the boys off your hands but I live in Kentucky so I can't. There is shipping but I really don't want to have them come from so far away the poor things. I hope you have luck!

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I really wish it was possible to get them to you. If I can think of a safe way to do it I will. They are great birds. I have one sold to a mother and daughter who have a flock of young Orpinton hens. They free range them and want a friendly rooster to watch over them. Couldn't be a better fit. These guys are such a hoot! If I sit down on the coop steps one of them will jump on my lap. Thanks for your encouragement. I needed it!
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If you think of a safe way to get them to me then please tell me they would be perfect. Their handsome looking birds and them being friendly and being raised together is a huge plus! Any roosters I get will be living in a run at my father's farm because I can't have them in my neighborhood. We used to have my two roosters Buckey and Dumpling out there but a fox got in their run, since then we've reinforced the run and we have someone building a new coop. We're also planing on making the run bigger. I really do hope they find good homes even if it isn't mine.

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Consider posting them on Facebook under your county's buy sell and tradr. For example Washington County Buy, Sell, and Trade.
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Bernadine503, Thanks so much for the tip! I just put a join request in for my county FB buy, sell group. I have sold one guy so far. He is a sweetie. He'll be tending a flock that free ranges during the day. The young woman was referred by the breeder, and it sounds like a perfect situation. I have to pick up the 4 girls that another breeder is holding for me soon, so pressure is mounting. Yesterday afternoon I was hanging out on the coop porch and had 1 roo sitting in my lap and 1 roosting on my crossed leg boot. Dang chickens! Breaking my heart! If they hear a scary noise they run to me and hide! The 2 more dominant boys stand their ground in the run. smile.png
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I have sold and rehomed all of the cockerels! I am so happy!!! One of the birds has a new home with a young man who grew up showing animals and being very involved in 4H and FFA. The cockerel he chose will tend his flock of 12 hens. They free range in the afternoon, get treats and there isn't a problem with predators. The remaining 5 went to a gentleman who lives a little further out in the country and has a large flock of hens he wants tended and protected. Being all from the same hatch these guys got along well and pecking order was established. They are going to have to be tough as there are predators in this rural area.

I do not know how to indicate birds are sold or how to delete a post, if that is what I am supposed to do?
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Gpsyhen, sorry for the late response.  You probably already figured out how to delete the "ad" or post your county's buy sell & trade FB.  You must delete your post after they have been sold but I honestly don't remember the fastest way of doing so.  I suppose you can ask the Admin.  I think you click on the upper right had side where you see  the dots (...), and under manage requests.  But, again it's been a while for me so I don't remember.  Hope you already figured it out though ;)

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