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Hi, i was wondering if golden comet hens are good at laying on eggs. I have two and we just started letting them lay on about 5 eggs for about 3 days now and I was just wondering if we should throw them away or let them lay on them but I don't want them to go bad in the coop and I really want some baby chicks.
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Are the eggs fertile??? do you have a rooster ???  

AND OF COURSE :welcome

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Yes there is a rooster
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Go ahead and let the hen hatch your eggs.   Incubation is around 21 days, but may be a little longer  if under a hen.     My reasoning and thinking  is the hen may  take a longer time jump starting the development process VS an incubator....  JMO.  


WISHING YOU BEST.    :thumbsup

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So I finally got my hen to lay on her eggs and they are about 11 days into the process of hatching, but when they hatch am I supposed to separate them from my other 2 hens and rooster except for the brooder who sat on them, because I brought home a chick and they attacked her so I let her grow a bit before introducing them so she could take them without getting severely injured. Should I do the same with the chicks and only let them around the one who laid on them.
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Welcome to BYC!


I have no real advice--I know nothing about chickens.


But....If I were you I would separate the mom and babies from the others.


I could be totally wrong , but that is what I would do.



Sit tight....someone will have the correct answer for you.

I just wanted eggs!
I just wanted eggs!
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Best to initially keep mama and chicks  separated,  short time,, and then see how they are accepted by the other chickens.    Mamas job is to protect her young chicks.   Lil chicks will run to mama for cover and safety.    How many eggs is she  sitting on???    I'm  happy your hatch is finally happening..   :thumbsup

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