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sexing society finches

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i currently have a male spice finch and whati assume to be 2 female society finches ive been told that males sing while females do what sounds like a cricket chirping does anyone know of any other ways just so i can be sure before i go get a male society finch for my other female because my first female seems to have taken a liking to the spice finch and they sit next to eachother and preen eachother and exclude the other female 

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Finches are cool. We use to breed Zebra finches (we didn't mean to, but they did it whether we liked it or not :)).


I took this off another site:

Singing and Dancing

Male society finches sing, while female finches make little chirping sounds. Since males sing a great deal, it shouldn't take long for you to figure out the sex of a particular bird. While singing is a regular activity, males also perform a courtship dance for female finches. They bounce back and forth on a perch while ruffling their neck feathers and stretching their necks. The female, or hen, might make a warning sound if she's not interested in his affections.

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oh ok thankyou i got a male today i saw him doing the dance and singning in petsmart hopefully one of the females will warm up to him 

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one of my finches seems to have watery dropping and doesn't seem as active this started a little while ago and i was hoping it would go away but it hasn't and none of the vets in my area do birds  so i was wondering if anyone has dealt with this before she is still eating and drinking but shes spending a lot of time not doing anything  sitting and her vent feathers are dirty as well 

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I would suggest cleaning their cage, waterers, and feeders. She could have worms, a fungal infection or a bacterial infection, and cleaning the cage will help with all of those.

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is there anything i need to give her if she does have any of those some kind of antibiotic ?

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I'm not that great with finch health, but I hope this link can help you:


Best of luck! :)

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My zebra finch is not sitting on her eggs??
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Originally Posted by Umar488 View Post

My zebra finch is not sitting on her eggs??


How long has it been? When did she lay them?

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she most likely has not finished laying :)

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