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Sick, Sad, Droopy Chicken... Illness Unknown

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While I take care of a bird recovering from flystrike indoors, one of my Rhode Island Reds has been sick lately. I recently isolated her in a rabbit hutch with food, and water that contained terramycin. Unfortunately, I don't know how to help her because I have no clue what is ailing her.


Here are the symptoms:

-Very light, maybe malnourished

-Weak appetite

-When pecking food, sometimes just pushes the grain around with beak or drops food. (I have since given her mashed-up food.)

-Before isolation, would sleep on floor instead of roost

-Doesn't hold wings up tight, they droop

-Missing feathers around base of neck and chest that don't seem to be regrowing

-Makes soft staccato noises when approached, like that of a broody hen but quieter. She shows no signs of broodiness, and might be spent.

-Generally lethargic, though might be in part due to heat

-Tail droops down

-No sign of physical injury


Does anyone know what's wrong with this chicken? it would be nice to get this poor bird healthy again.

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I'm having sort of the same issue. My hen is only about 14 weeks old. She always been a little smaller but her comb has not developed and she is very skinny. Almost no meat on her. When she is in with my rooster he immediately hammers her. The others leave her alone when I isolate him. It sounds strange but she almost seems depressed.
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My hen is a heck of a lot older, maybe about 6 years old, and her condition would seem to fit the condition of 'chicken depression.' It's almost as if the poor bird is loosing her will to live...


The only breakthrough I have found in helping her is moistening and crushing up her food, which makes it easier for her to eat. If your chicken is having trouble eating, some bran mash could help. However, don't moisten bran mash as it could get stuck in her throat.


Is she missing any feathers like mine is?

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Not losing feathers and she seems to be eating fine. But she is not only smaller than the others but downright scrawny. No meat on her at all. I thought maybe she had a parasite of some kind.
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Eating well but not gaining weight might be a symptom of worms. As for my bird, I don't know what she has... I'm not sure how long she's going to survive. She hardly eats.

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We figured out one of her problems is one wing doesn't work. She looks a little lopsided but looking closer today when you pick her up the right wing flaps but the other never moves. That's got to be part of it.
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the rooster probably did the damage to her wing. keep him away from her. he will just hurt her some more.

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My chicken as these symptoms plus pasty looking diarrhea.  Also, does not try and get away when I approach her and if I massage her neck, regurgitates watery liquid.  Is not eating or socializing.  Has not laid egg in about a month but has not shown any interest in laying, so I do not believe she is egg bound.  Seems very depressed. 

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One of our chicken is breathing hard,one of her eyes has clear liquid water like but forms little bubbles inside and her nose is runny. She drinks water and eats (not a lot but still does). She lost some weight. Right now we have all of the chicken on Corid,because we had 4 dead from coccidiosis. What should we do with her? Her poop looks good and doesn't have blood in it.
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And she's sneezing/coughing.
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