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Lizard mat is great for coturnix quail chicks!

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So I bought one of those Reptitherm Under Tank Heaters, wondering if coturnix quail chicks would appreciate it or if it would be a waste of money. My brooder is a 30x18 clear plastic tote with 150w white heat bulb over one end.  My thought was that if an uncoordinated baby wandered away from the lamp to the cool side of the brooder, he'd at least have a lesser form of heat he might still find. First ever chicks are a day old now and...

it's their FAVORITE spot in the tank. :jumpy My guys love their warm feet and tummies and could care less about the lamp.


I have the mat laid on top of their paper toweling with a cheap (not thick) washcloth on top of it and it's cord draping over the brooder to the outside. The mat actually has a sticky underside to permanently affix it to aquariums, but I didn't peel the paper off. So nothing is permanent about it.  The mat doesn't heat the air, just the washcloth. It was money well spent.


At my local pet store there is one size smaller than mine and several sizes larger. If you buy one, be aware that the package is larger than the mat and lists gallon size, not inch size. For reference, my 10-20 gallon one is maybe 5x8". There is no temp adjustment, just heat. Be sure to cover it with that washcloth for traction and to ensure it's not too hot on little toes.


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It would work under the brooder as well. Is yours a 40w? Enough heat should escape the brooder to make it safe as long as it is taken into the equation of heating the brooder. I use similar heaters & they are handy. My dogs even enjoy then on the really cold nights.
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yeah, I have a plant/ seedling heat mat under one end of mine and they appear to love it

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I use a seedling heat mat as well to provide extra warmth with my Ecoglow as my house is a cold box at the moment with Winter. They love it and its peace of mind that it won't overheat while I'm at work.


I have heard that the reptile mats can be problematic and overheat with plastic brooders, have you had any issues with this yet @Dinx ?

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I cover mine with an old tshirt to create a buffer.  if it gets too hot, I stuff a sock under the edge of the brooder container to create a gap; reduces heat for mat and brooder/

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So far so good. It does say to affix only to glass, but mine isn't even in contact with the plastic tupperware of the brooder. It's on top of (from bottom to top): the brooder bottom, canning jar rings as a spacer, 1/2" coated hardware cloth, the drawer liner with holes, then paper towels, then the mat, then topped with a washcloth. Mine says it's the 8 watts version but that their products range from 4 to 24 watts... I assume based on size.


Good idea about using it for dogs. Mine just wear sweaters and snuggle. Wonder if they'd prefer the high tech option?  LOL

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thank you so much for this post! for some reason heat lamps are hard to find in my area right now unless I want to pay a lot more for it. I saw one of these at the pet store was wondering if it would work instead, but I was worried it wouldn't be warm enough.

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I gave up on the heat lamp when I found this large reptile mat that had different temperatures at either end, 120 at one and 85 at the other. The chicks move around as needed and seem much happier than with a heat lamp. 

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