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That looks good! Hopefully in a few days she'll be all better. thumbsup.gif

Are you planning to put her with your free broody, or get her a chick friend?
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Update on the baby chick. Sorry for the wait I got busy with school. The chick now named Cookie is doing amazing she walks fine now and has little to no issues. I ended up getting her a little ameraucana friend who is very protective of her its adorable. Thank you to everyone who gave advice.

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 I hope your chick rebounds and does well.  I also found a little one. 

Tonight I heard a ruckus looked out the window saw my Roo 'Big fella', chasing around one of the older chicks he had him by the back and was not letting go, then I noticed there were little yellow fluffy balls in the grass?  ( we have never had yellow ) I went out to see and there is a new, vanilla and caramel, hen with 4 yellow and one black, tiny, chicks.  I think the yard men must have disturbed them? I have never seen such little ones out.  When I walked down the yard I saw what looked like a dead chick alone in the grass just out from our house.  I hoped my Roo had not got to it, then there was movement. This baby is so small his eyes are not open and he is not really walking. I took him over to his mum at the end of the garden, was agitated not interested and did not stick around but he was not able to walk after her like the others.  I think he needs at least another day? so what can I do? I grabbed one of his siblings? so now the 2 are in a box with a nest of newspaper, I hope with company and a safe place for the night, I will be able to reunite them in the morning?  The fluffy yellow sibling is very active with eyes open, the black one is very young.  I hope they will snuggle together and keep warm?  these are ferral and I have no idea where they hatched, under our house? he could not have moved far but she is not one of ours! I cant leave him in the grass to die alone poor thing, something would get him by the time mum came back. Mongoose take the eggs in a flash; so we will see if he makes it over night if he does, I will take picture.



update: they mad it through the night, Mum had only 2 yellow this am lost 2 last night, but the yellow companion reunited with the mum  the black is not doing well .

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