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I hope this helps. Those are beautiful birds. smile.png
Oh thank you. I should have mentioned they are 18 day old blue and black copper Marans and the seller told me the yellow were wheaten throwbacks he gets 1 in 50, but I don't understand why they look different.
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Oh my God my eyes actually hacked one of them was born and its a few days early what do I do now? I thought that since the baby chick takes in the joke that they don't need to eat or drink for the first 24 hours and just let them sit under the mama hen?
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Sorry autocorreCT but you get the jist!!!!!! So exciting. One egg is almost open as well
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My hen saw the chick under her and pecked it in the head! I stuffed the chick under her again so she didn't see it and now she is content. Should I remove the babies? I have my ecoglow warming up in the mini coop where the broody is sitting on the nest. I don't know if she will raise them or hurt them?? What do I do? When can I remove the ChicKS to safety
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It's all very new to her. Give her some time. A peck or two out of curiosity isn't something you need to be worried about. A hen will use her beak to tuck that baby back up under her, and it can look a little rough. The chick doesn't need food or water for another couple days. If the hen doesn't get up and take the chicks to food and water once they are all hatched out and running around, you may need to move her off the next to get her moving. Just keep an eye on things and be patient. Don't rush to take a chick unless there is seriously something wrong. I had to pull my broody's chicks because she wasn't keeping them warm or protected. 

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Okay I'll go ahead and just keep an eye on how the hen is doing I just worry a little bit because she didn't just lightly peck it she packed it twice in the head really hard and she fluffed up her feathers at the baby chick I had to stuff that chick back underneath her so she wasn't seeing it and then she went right back down like you know everything was okay
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But I have my brooder in the bathroom already set to go up to temperature with my eco glow warmer so if she has any signs of not being attentive I'm just going to go ahead and take the chicks out
Only one out of the five has had so far and one of the other eggs looks like it has a peck in it like the other chick is going to be coming out of the egg soon
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How long after pipping should the Chi k come out of the egg?
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It can take up to 24 hours from pipping to hatch.

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