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I'm feeding them finely ground quail crumble and they have water 24/7. The top of the cage is a blanket that absorbs the bounce but he might have bounced up into the lamp? He ls fine with balance.
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What is the protein content of this "quail crumble"? 25% should be fine - at least, that's what mine get and they are not walking backwards in circles.

I find it strange that he does the backwards-circle-thing when he doesn't have balancing issues.. I'd think lack of balance caused him to do it and what we needed to determine was the cause for his lack of balance. If that's not the case, I can't really figure him out.

Does he do it all the time or just every now and then?

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Yup he gets 25% protein. He does the backwards walk only every now and then. Do you have any ideas that might cause lack of balance?
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Lack of balance could be damage to nerves, viruses, lack of certain vitamins and similar. But if he doesn't do it too often and behaves normally the rest of the time, I wouldn't worry about it.

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The most common causes of nerve damage to birds are hitting their head and running out of water. Vitamin deficiencies do  happen but not usually spontaneously to adult birds and not nearly so common as boinks or lack of water. Doesn't even have to be out of water they other birds will bully them off sometimes causing it. 

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I recently had to separate one of my quails and I gave her an stuffed animal for company, but is there another way to keep her happy/not depressed? My other ones are always chirping softly, but I've never heard her make a sound since I moved her. Is this normal?
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Why did you have to separate her?

I think the best way to keep her happy, is to keep her as close to the others as possible - if possible, only separated by a single layer of wire.

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I now believe it's a guy because when I put them near each other, one went crazy trying to get to him. It's hard to tell cause it's a tuxedo? except that my male makes all these territorial sounds and the tuxedo? one doesn't.
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Girls can be aggressive buttheads too. I have two female button quail that got attacked by my other girls . some quail just don't get along. I ended up putting them together and they get along fine with each other. Do you have enough quail to try to put her with one at a time to see if any will get along with her? Do you have a picture closer up of her back it might give a better idea of gender. Most of the boys tend to have a bluish grey cast to the feathers on their backs with fainter patterning ( is that a word?) From the picture she looks female. But depends on age.
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She's about 9 weeks old and I've only got 3 quails.
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