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Have seen a very small weasel on our property a few times. The chickens have seen him too! We have lots of mice for him to it, but should I worry about my chickens? They are full grown and this guy is tiny.
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                 yes, unless your coop is completely predator proof... AKA no holes over 1\2 inch wide. I had a weasel once and I think I killled it... it broke my duck's  leg before i got rid of it! it usually goes after mice but if it chases a mouse into your coop and sees the chickens, than you will have the hardest time ever getting rid of it!! keeping feed stored properly so it doesn't attract rodents is a major part in keeping your coop weasel free. It doesn't matter what size he is, those things are vicious!! I was in the coop with a weasel and it snarled at me, and he was tiny. very tiny. weasels are very bloodthirsty and can wipe out your flock in one night if they have a mind to...! in my mind they are the scariest chicken predators out there.

                oh, and where did you see it? was it near your coop\run? if it was not maybe it will not find your coop.:fl if its not hungry than hopefully I will be wrong and you will never have a problem!

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If a weasel can get through a 1/2 inch opening and climb, then my coop is not secure. I have venting at the top, that has openings larger than 1/2 inch. Depending on how well they climb up the sides of the coop, I may have a problem. The feed is in the run, but as much as I clean up the mess the chickens make, I can't get it all. So in other words, there is food in the run.
Thanks for your quick response.
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yes- you almost described my coop word for word!  its really leaky. yeah its almost impossible to completly weasel proof a run\coop.


oh, and rat traps work awesome! you just have to build a box type thingie to put around it, look it up, there is lots of dierections.

good luck with your uninvited guest.:) 


they can climb, but i do not know how well.

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2 years ago I had a weasel kill a hen and her baby.

Today I seen one in my barn with a mouse in its mouth.

I have learned Pepermint helps keep rats and mice out of a coop.
(Have minty fresh coops)

Since, no rats or mouse droppings where there were tons.

Does this mean I am fairly safe?????

Just sick over seeing this today.
Any help would be awesome!!!!!
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