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Swollen leg/thigh

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I have a barred rock that has a very swollen thigh . We've checked for injuries and haven't seen any cuts or scrapes. It's warm to the touch and she's be sitting down a lot lately but will hobble along through the day. She's eating and drinking like she always does but has been more of a lap hen because I've been trying to give her some extra love. Any thoughts?
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You may want to separate her from the rest of your hens so they don't make her injury worse. I'm not sure if this will work but maybe put some ice on her swollen leg so the blood gets flowing to that area and will help the swelling go down. I hope this helps.
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Is the swelling near the hock joint? Has sh been injured? Pictures sometimes help.

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A couple of pictures are above. There is no visible sign of injury but I won't say she couldn't have hurt herself while running around our property. She's getting worse by the day. Not moving much at all. Still eating and drinking if I put her close to the food.
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You might try a chick chair or sling to get her up off her legs and to help keep her clean. Mycoplasma synovitis is a respiratory disease that has few respiratory symptoms, but can infect the joints. Usually there will be swollen joints in the feet, hocks, and can be in one leg or both. There can be yellow drainage around the joint. Antibiotics such as Tylan (tylosin,) chlortetracycline, and others may treat symptoms, but it can be chronic and infect others in the flock. There can be other bacteria or viruses that can infect the joints.  I don't know if that is what she has, or if it is an abscess or injury.  Here are some pictures of chick slings and chairs:


LLsling+2.png LL 1000

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Thank you so much for your advice and support. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Peep Peep today.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

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This is 10 week old "Peanut"....I found him not getting up or walking 2 weeks ago; he's been in his new chair for a week now.
Both hocks are a bit swollen and warm.. Been giving polyvisol w/out iron, probiotics, Apple cider vinegar in water, fresh herbs, Vit B complete, plain yogurt, eggs, veggies and regular feed mix.
I have no idea what caused his paralysis.
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