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duck confusion

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I have a duck not sure what kind or how old. I think its a she. Stand there and her legs just violently shake. Other than that she's fine. Any ideas.
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I hope it has cleared up by now.  I read somewhere to try vitamins and even asprin.....not sure if that will work though.  I don't have ducks but I had a problem with turkey chicks and their legs.  Their foot would turn out and eventually wind up backwards.  Apparently a nutrient called "Choline" was responsible for the development of tendons and ligaments.  I didn't believe it at first because only a few birds were affected (why not all if it's a vitamin deficiency).  However, once I started adding Choline to their diet it never happened again.  Egg yolks have lots of Choline so I give my baby birds chopped eggs in their food regularly for the first month.

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