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Please Help, newbie with sick hen :-(

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Well, the title says it all and I swear when it rains it pours...literally. We live in sunny Florida, however, lately we have hit a rain record.  It had rained for 3 weeks straight. 


Before I get to my girl Hazel, I will fill you all in on what has been going on. 


My little serama roo Waldo had a little hoarse crow and would sneeze here and there...that was all that was shown.  He was his normal happy, lively self otherwise and 100% back to normal now. 


Yesterday one of my showgirls sneezed and I heard a lot of congestion.  One of her poor little eyes was crusted shut too.  I seperated her from the flock immediately and she is now on duramycin-10 (which was recommended to me at the store). I looked everyone over with a fine tooth comb. All normal poop. No one else is sneezing. No runny eyes. Everyone is very alert.  I put the flock on electrolytes just to give them a little boost in case. 


Now, for Hazel my easter egger.  She is "off"...not completely with it for the last 3 days.  she doesnt burst out of the coop when I let them out like she usually does.  She just slowly looks around and is in no hurry.  She comes for treats (and eats them), but calmly walks over and doesnt run with the flock like she always has done. She lays down more.  Just very calm/lethargic...almost in a daze.  Seems to be losing weights. A little bit of runny poop is stuck in her feathers also.


The other thing that is slightly different is that her comb has a little paler than my other easter egger and the rest of the flock.


I am watching her like a hawk for any change or symptoms but so far there is no change in 3 days.  This behavior came one overnight too.  On day one I thought something had scared her...but after 2 more days of this I don't think so.


Any thoughts or advice about past experiences or what I should do? I  am new to the chicken world.  We just got our first babies back in May and I am so attached to them.  I am trying to learn as much as I can without bothering people but this is a situation that has me in a slight panic :-( 

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There are people on BYC with a lot more experience than me, but i would consider giving them a broad spectrum antibiotic. They may have a viral infection, but antibiotics will prevent secondary infections and giving them vitamin supplements in their water would also help. Ive done this with my chickens and they seem to pull through.


All the best

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Thank you thank you :-) I did do both of those actually. I gave my silkies who had congestion an antibiotic.  Then the whole flock received vitamins/electrolytes.  So there is no more sneezing or coughing. My little roo is a little hoarse when he crows though. Just watching them like a hawk :-) 

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It sounds like they are going to be just fine! Well done.


Good luck

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