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Wake Up America

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Wake up America !

While I was chilling out tonight watching my small flock of chickens,. I believe God gave me an insight that we should all consider. God has told us to consider the ant, the Lilly's of the field an other things that we would normally call insignificant. Well a chicken wasn't named mainly because it being a scavenger. Jesus proclaimed that He had made all things clean! Personally I am glad He did in regard to chickens. I'm sure Colonel Sanders agrees.

Now let us consider the chicken. First of all in my opinion I think all families should raise a few chickens in their backyard. Matter of fact it seems it is becoming a "fad" to do so in many cities. Of course those cities that have approved back yard chickens have included in their agreement i.e. community covenants "No Roosters". Why No roosters? In my opinion it might cause Americans to "Wake Up" !

Once observing them. Without a rooster we can not appreciate the "family" pattern of chickens. A rooster does not only breed the hens he serves and protects the hens from all enemies foreign and domestic! A rooster will give the warning of an enemy. And gather all his flock to safety. I have seen this happen and was so proud of my rooster.

With that said I hope many of you will begin to raise your own chickens. They , the chickens, will drop anything they are doing "including indulging in the fattest worm in history" and stop and come running to their Master. They will look at you with loving eyes and yes they do expect something in return but after all that is only human!

So consider the chicken. Raise you own for meat and eggs. I have more regarding this revelation but that will come later. This message is more important than you can ever fathom.

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