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Pekin Duck Dies

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Hello everyone. I had a 3-4 month old female pekin duck. She died out of the blue overnight and I am so upset. There weren't any signs that an animal got to her. It has been very hot here this week. And yes they've had plenty of water. I'm not sure what happened. She was put in ice cold water by her previous owners at 3 weeks old which almost killed her and I believed caused some neurological issues. sad.png anyways none of the other 14 chickens or duck seems sick. What should I watch out for? And should I get another duck for the female Ruen that I have? She's all alone besides the chickens. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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I don't raise ducks but I noticed that your post hadn't been answered I am guessing nobody has an idea of what happened.  I don't think falling into ice cold water caused damage though as I had a two week old baby turkey that kept jumping into my toilet bowl.  The cold water could have killed him and he was very unresponsive as I fished him out.  I had to turn on the incubator and put him in for a few hours  to warm him up.


Had the duck been eating and pooping well before its demise? If you didn't notice any signs of predators or illness, perhaps it just wasn't healthy to start with.  I have had turkey chicks die at 3 months for no reason....they just appear dead in the coop the next day....but they were always on the small I came to the conclusion they weren't thriving for some physiological reason. 


I think you should find some company for your other duck. 

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I'm so sorry your duck passed away, it's never easy when our sweet feathered friends leave us, they bring us so much joy. I would definitely say to get another friend for your lonely duck, ducks are very social and need duck companionship.
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