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Update on baby quail

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So, after posting here, I did separate my baby from the chickens. This did not go well. It started to cry and cried for two days looking for the chickens. I had to put it back in the cage with the chickens because she wasn't eating or drinking. She is now close to three months old and is doing beautifully. We put probiotics in her water and make sure that plenty of crickets find their way into her cage. She loves her chicken friends. She will even go out and walk around the yard with them. She flew one day but came right back when she realized the chickens were not coming with her. She is a beautiful thing too. She doesn't have the colors that a male has yet so we are guessing that she is female, hence the female pronoun. 

Thanks for all of the help here. I am thinking that she may stay with the chickens as she seems quite taken with them and does not want to be in her own aviary. She follows the chickens into the pen each night and follows them back out the next day. There is not a reason for her to stay, but she does. 

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Since I didn't see your original post, I don't know the full story.  If there was a big size difference between her and your chicks, I  can see why people suggested you separate them.  But I think you did the right thing by reuniting them.  Birds seem to be happiest in a flock and she probably thinks your chickens are her family.  Nice update thank you.

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So I suspect she is a rescued wild quail if I put this correctly? If so let her be! And post is tons of pics!!
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So, this fall, miss thing decided to stretch her wings and fly once again. I suspect that it was because it was time to pair with a male. She has come back to the yard a few times to visit, but doesn't stay. I am glad that she had such a good chance to grow with us. 

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Her coming back to visit is the highest compliment she can pay you.  You should feel great about that.


When I was 10 I found four newborn rabbit kits in my neighbour's dog house.  We had a bad snowstorm in May and the mother must have been desperate for somewhere to kindle as the dog used his house all the time.  I got them out of there and we raised them from a day old.  My dad wouldn't let us handle them as we were going to release them, but they did come back fairly often to visit our garden, much to my mother's chagrin.  For a few years after we released them, if I was alone in the woods I could sometimes get about 4 feet from a rabbit before it ran away.  They must have been the ones we raised.

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That is so wonderful. I love the thought that wild animals can be raised and sent out into the wild and still have a great life!

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